Friday, May 28, 2010

May Flowers

I'm trying to get this month caught up before June comes. May has been such a good month to us. Warm weather has arrived and actually stayed all month. This whole week it's been in the upper 80s and SUNNY! That's right, Cleveland has actually seen the sun! Josh and I have been able to play tennis and I've gone running a few times. Also this month, Josh finished his second year of Podiatry school! WOOHOO! We are officially half way through! He has done so well and I'm constantly amazed at how much time and effort he puts into school. I know I definitely couldn't do it! He had a week off to help a few friends out and to be a little lazy. Then he started his third year this last week!

For Mother's Day, I had the opportunity to go to Michigan! It was such a fun short vacation. My mom flew up to Michigan from Oklahoma so i was able to spend it with her and my grandmother, aunt and cousins! It was soo much fun! We also got to go to Ikea. Yep, I have another Ikea store crossed off the list :) And my cousin Jamie took portraits of us all...but STILL waiting to see them ;) Those will be the only pictures that I have from the trip. The camera stayed in my purse or suitcase the whole time. But a very LATE "Happy Mother's Day" to all the mother figures I have in my life!

Then last weekend, Josh and I were able to go on a Daycation (Day Vacation) with a friend of mine and her kids. (Her husband was gone on an externship.) I'm sure we looked like quite the polygamist :) But it was so much fun. We went to the Erie Canal for a picnic until it started to rain then we went into the visitor's center where they had a display of how the used the canals to travel. It was really neat and the lady who gave the demonstration was awesome! Then we went on a few walks to just be outside and enjoy the outdoors. We found a waterfall and walked up in the creek. We all slipped and fell in the water at times but had so much fun. I didn't think to bring the camera until we were on our way. So again, no pics :( But it really was a fun day! Thanks Valerie :) Your kids are so much fun!

And that has pretty much been our month of May until today. Now, Josh's parents and sister are coming into town this weekend and I PROMISE I will take pictures to post!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Ants Go Marching One By One...

But there is no "Hoorah, Hoorah!" Ants have been attacking our house! When I'm actually home, it seems like I spend way too much time tracking down and killing these HUGE black ants that are now all over our home.

We have no idea how they are getting in or why they won't leave. They have now been invading our house for about two weeks. And Josh's parents and sister are coming in to visit this weekend. Great! The ants just had to come right when they are about to come! We have deep cleaned our whole house for two reasons: 1.) Family IS coming and 2.) trying to get rid of the ants. We haven't been leaving any food out. And not only are the ants in our kitchen, but also in our bathroom and office. After are deep clean and spraying raid everywhere, we haven't seen as many but they are still around. Anyone have any ideas how to get rid of them? At this point, I am completely open to all ideas!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Hello My Long Lost Blog,

No, I haven't completely forgotten you. I have just been super busy. I have gotten a promotion at work. I am now a Biller at my job. I am enjoying learning the new things that billing entails, not that I'm even close to knowing half of it. My hours at work are different now and I have to travel farther to a different office. I spend much more time on the road than I'd like to. I'm completely drained when I get home, hence the no blogging. I haven't even read the updates on my friends' blogs :( But I am enjoying the new position and the learning experience. Hopefully all of this will come in handy when Josh has his own practice.

I do have my own office now. It has four walls and a windows. I think I will also enjoy the pay raise :) That's all for now. Hopefully I can update you again soon.

With All My Joy and Happiness,

The New Biller who has her own office!