Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Things!

Ok, so I am totally tired of looking at my last post and remember that really horrible day every time I log on and look at my blog. So here are some happy/good things that have happened:

1.) My sister, Karri, is engaged and seems REALLY happy! I am totally excited for her!

2.) Both my sister, Christine, and my mom FINALLY started their blogging! Yeah! I have more blogs to read now while I am bored at work!!!

3.) Josh and I got a coupon for a FREE pizza and I totally enjoyed not cooking and eating pizza last night!

4.) Earlier this week, it was my sister-in-law's, Paige's, birthday! I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you! (Sorry I didn't post earlier) But we both love you tons! and can't wait to see you at Christmas!

5.) I started reading the Twilight books! I totally LOVE them and can't put them down. I am already half way through the second one and I just started last Thursday! This is great news for me, but probably not for Josh...I think he thinks I have deserted him. But at least he has had PLENTY of time to study for his tests next week!

6.) Drug reps come to my work occasionally and bring everyone lunch while they talk to the doctors...Yesterday we had Olive Garden!!!! It was WAY good! And we never have two in one week, but I get another one tomorrow and one on Friday!!!

7.) We order a game called, Quelf, and have already gotten it and played it with some friends! It was way fun. I will have to post pictures later.

OK, so that's about all I can think of right now....But things have definitely been better since my last post :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bad Day

Ok, so I really think this has been the worst day ever....or at least the worst I have had in a REALLY long time. So, I leave my house to go to work a little early so I can stop and get gas. I get down to the car and noticed that it had a little bit of a hard time starting, but it did start. I go to the gas station and spend $60 to fill up my tank. I get in the car to start it up and NOTHING except a clicking noise. I didn't think it was the battery because my radio and lights still worked. So, I try calling Josh (he's in school and doesn't answer). I start to just cry! Not really sure why, I don't really cry at these things, but I guess I was thinking...."We have no money to fix the car or tow it or do anything with it. And what am I suppose to do, I can't just leave the car sitting at the pump. I need to get to work...what am I suppose to do???" So, I call two friends that live close by and asked them to call/text their husbands who are in class to see if they could get Josh to call me. They both did so and one offered to come get me. Thanks! In the meantime, there was a tire shop right next door, I went over there to ask for help to move my car. The guy that helped me was SUPER nice and looked under the hood and said that it actually was my battery and he jumped it for me! A big thank you goes out to him! So then the friend that came to get me was almost there when I called her and told her that I was ok. I felt bad for making her get out and come get me for nothing! (thanks for being soo willing to help!) Then Josh called me. So I am talking to him, still crying, and told him everything that happened. While I am talking to Josh, I get pulled over! Are you serious??? First my car won't start and now I am getting pulled over?!?!?! I guess I was speeding in the school zone and I didn't use my signal to change lanes and get around a bus! I got tickets too for both! The officer was a bit of a jerk, but was nice that he didn't give me my 2 extra points on my record for talking on my cell phone while violating the law! (Who knew that you got extra points for talking on your cell phone! Not me, that's not how it is in Oklahoma.) Oh did I mention that I never get tickets when I get pulled over. The only ticket I have ever had was for an accident and I have been pulled over like five times! Ok, now I get on the highway! I start to think "OK I will be ok if I can just get to work." So, I am on the highway cruising along and then all of a sudden traffic is STOPPED! I NEVER hit traffic on my way to work when I go to this office especially at 9 in the morning! I get totally frustrated and start crying. So, I am totally late for work and I decide that I need to call them. After a few minutes I feel like I can call and not cry....but I was totally wrong. I balled the whole time I was on the phone and as soon as I hung up, I felt like a totally idiot! Oh well though. I am now at work and just hoping this day gets better. That's all for now!

Monday, September 15, 2008

6 Months Down and the Rest of Eternity to Go!

Josh and I have been married for SIX months as of today! We are both totally excited and way happy to celebrate this special day to us! Josh is the love of my life and I am sooo happy with him! I can't imagine being with anyone else. He spoils me rotten and I love it! He is very sweet and is always willing to put my needs before his! He is the greatest ever! I love you, Josh! Tonight, we are going out to eat for dinner and then doing a little shopping! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with him and be by his side through everything!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Test Week is OVER and another week begins...

So this last week was Josh's first big test week! I am super proud of him for all the time he put into studying and that he was able to do so well on all of his tests. I am so proud of him. Way to go Josh! But with these good grades, a great deal of sacrifice came on our little family. I don't know how those with kids can do this. Between his studying and my working, we saw each other for about an hour every day. The good thing about this is that it was during dinner time, so we at least got to eat dinner together just about every night. He would study all day, come home about 5 or a little after, cook me dinner, I would get home at about 6:15 or so, we would eat dinner then he would leave at about 7:30 and would get home about 2 in the morning and was usually gone by the time I got up. So, what did I do while he was gone? I was really tired most of the week for going back to a full work week! But I also watched a lot of movies on the computer from Netflix, although for some reason I usually chose really depressing movies (not on purpose though) and cried the whole way through the movie. (Has anyone seen "A wedding for Bella?" It was in the romance section, but it should be in the crying section!) Anyways, I am sooo glad that I have my husband back for a couple weeks!

We had a good weekend, but the sad thing about this weekend was that we planned a big camping trip with a lot of our friends to celebrate the end of our first test week, but it RAINED ALL day Friday and Saturday! We have postponed it for about two weeks though! Hopefully, the weather will be better then. Since the camping trip was off, we all went out to eat at my favorite place, Texas Roadhouse! It was quite delicious. Afterwards, we went over to a friend's house and played Guitar Hero (which I TOTALLY sucked at!) and Dance Revolution(which after my Guitar performance, I was too embarrassed to even try). Here are two videos of the dance revolution. Josh is the one in the orange shirt...he attempted to dance, but looked good doing it ;) The guy in the gray shirt is one of our good friends, Steve, who was the best at the game and looked like a pro! (Note: that Steve did not miss a single one while doing this!)

So, I am sure you are all DYING to know what my calling is! Well, today I was called and set apart to be the new Achievment Days Coordinator! I am so excited! It's not really a calling that I would ever think about, but I am totally happy to do it. My first activity is going to be this Wednesday! Wish me luck!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry Josh...

This week is test week for Josh. He has been studying A LOT lately and I haven't been able to see him much especially since I started my job; but anyways, so Josh went to bed early (I think it was actually like 9 when he went to bed even though he was shooting for 7pm.) I stayed up later because I took a long Sunday nap and just wasn't ready to go to bed. So, I watch a movie and showered and stuff. While I was in the shower and rubbing shampoo all over my head, I hear this loud beeping noise. It continued to go off for a few seconds, so I thought I better go check on it before Josh wakes up. But as soon as I turn the water off (shampoo still in hair), Josh comes out of the bedroom mumblings and grumblings and hits the smoke detector of the ceiling. So, I guess what happened was that I was taking too hot of a shower and the steam from the shower made the smoke detector go off. How crazy is that? I felt really bad for waking up Josh, but I do think he was able to go right back to sleep. I just thought that it was too crazy not to share.

Ok, so I realized that I never really said what my job is. I am a secretary at Psychological and Behavioral Consultants...(try saying that every 30 seconds when answering a phone). I am kind of excited about it still. After all, it is a job. It pays pretty decent too. I just feel weird being a college grad and only being a receptionist. Also, it gets boring after a while. I just can't wait to be on my own and working in the office that I am suppose to be working in. They are training me in a different office (in Beechwood) and I will be working in North Olmstead. With this whole working thing...a small town girl has had to get used to traffic. I REALLY HATE traffic. Today it took me an hour to about 15 miles. Crazy, huh...back in Stillwater, Oklahoma we didn't have that kind of traffic. Oh well, I have already gotten used to it a little.

Yesterday I got to talk to my mom! Since I have been out here, I have really prided myself on not being homesick and crying. Yesterday though, the whole month's worth of not crying and being sad about it all caught up to me. As I was talking to my mom, all my siblings in Oklahoma were at my mom's enjoying my mom HOMEMADE cinnamon rolls that I LOVE! My nephew, Matthew, was there too and my mom said he is getting big ;(....I am soo sad that I can;t be there to hold him and play with him while eating my mom's cinnamon rolls. My mom also told me that right before I called they were all just talking and saying how weird it was that Josh and I weren't there and how much they missed us. I had a hard time last night, but I was able to keep myself under control and I only really cried in the shower. Oh how I miss my family...the sad thing is that I probably won't be able to see them at Christmas either (no money and won't be able to take off work that long). Oh well, I am sure I will survive. Ok well, i need to get upbeat again and Josh is studying again, so I am going to watch a chick flick!....One more thing, I got a calling on Sunday...I am SUPER excited, but I haven't been set apart yet, so you al have to wait til next week to find out what I will be doing!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Drumroll please....I just got my very FIRST tag. I am super excited!

1. link the person who tagged you
2. post the rules
3. tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them

Ok so here are my six unspectacular quicks:

1.)When I go to sleep I HAVE to have a fan blowing, the lights COMPLETELY out and my alarm clock covered (those things are WAY too bright to let me sleep). Basically, everything has to be completely perfect before I can fall asleep.

2.)All of my DVDs are in alphabetical order and it drives me nuts when someone moves thema around. I also have TWO lists of all my DVDs, so I can always tell you if I am missing a DVD and which one it is. I also know exaactly how many I have off the top of my head (148 if anyone wanted to know).

3.) I HATE it when people leave the cupboards/drawers open either in the kitchen or the bathroom. I seriuously want to SCREAM when they are left that way. I mean seriously, if you can open it, you can certainly close it! Logan used to go into my mom's kitchen and open every single one and I would get furious!

4.) I can't have my arms or legs constrained. If anyone tries to hold them down, I start breathing really hard and then soon feel like I can't breathe at all.

5.)I can't stand it when people leave the shower curtain open. First of all, it leads to your liner getting REALLY dirty REALLY fast and second, it just doesn't look nearly as nice or clean.

6.)I hate wearing socks; yet, I cna't wear ANY closed-toed shoes without them....ok, this probably doesn't make any sense. The only time that I wear socks is when I have closed-toed shoes on and I HAVE to wear them with all shoes that cover my toes. But then once those shoes come off, the socks definitely have to come off too.

Ok, so there you have it! Hopefully, you all know a little bit about my "dark side." Now, I would like to tag:
Holly Schaeffer, Shawnee/James, Jamie, Julie, Cassie Harrison, and Crystal Foy! Have fun!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Six, WHAT was I thinking???

Ok, so I have to write about a little correction for my last post...After writing, that night I was laying in bed and thought of a few more interviews that I had gone to. The totally is now up to NINE interviews!!!! Craziness, huh? The good thing though is out of alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll....those interviews, the one that I wanted most is actually the one that called me back on Friday!!!! So, I now have a job!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I am so excited and very much relieved. I actually start tomorrow! I am super excited, happy and very thankful! So, today is my last free day. So, what am I doing to celebrate....well, I am going to try and clean the house and get other stuff that done that I have been putting off. That's ok though, I am still super excited.

Oh and Happy Labor Day to everyone...yesterday! We have had an AWESOME weekend! We were able to go to a Cleveland Indians game for really cheap with the school. We had tons of fun with lots of our friends. On Saturday, went to a ward picnic type thing and got really hot but had fun. Later that night, we went to a friends' house, stayed up WAY to late but had the best night in a long time wiht friends! We went to bed at about 2AM! and then gave two wonderful talks in church at 9 in the morning! Now that was fun! Josh did an AWESOME job, as usual, on his talk and I would like to hope that I did decent. Church, overall, was REALLY good on Sunday! We had lunch at a friend's house and dinner at another's on Sunday, so we had lots more fun with no naps and no was ALL very worth it though! On Monday, Josh studied a little bit with a few guys while the wives enjoyed each others company. Then we went to a BBQ held by a really nice family in the ward! We really just had a GREAT weekend, even without any sleep! We are so happy though that we were able to hang out with such amazing friends this weekend! Thanks to all of you! So, what did you guys do this weekend???

Oh and we need to tell Chase, Josh's brother, Congrats and good luck on your mission. He leaves for the MTC tomorrow! We are both super excited for him and very proud! Good job on getting this far Chase! We love you very much and can't wait to get all those emails from you!

ummmm....what else...Oh and you guys believe that it is already SEPTEMBER!! This is just craziness! My oh My how time flies when you are having fun...well, good luck to everyone this fall season as you go back to school, start a new job, or whatever you may be doing!