Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

We had a weekend full of birthday goodness! I had forgotten how much I love taking/editing pictures until last night! So this post is full of very exciting pictures! Since the pictures were uploaded backwards. We will start with Sunday, which was Josh's actual birthday! We celebrated by going to church! (Sorry, but that is what happens when your birthday is on a Sunday!) After church though, we had an AMAZING dinner made by the one and only DINA!! Ok, it wasn't that great, but it was out favorite thing to eat! Tacos/Taco Salad! It was YUMMY! After dinner though, Josh got to spend 2 extra hours of his birthday in another church meeting! He is just so lucky! He did say that it was a really good meeting though and that he is very happy that he went. When he came home, we just about blew up a cupcake with candles! Now Josh did turn 27! Just don't count the candles....He must have distracted me when I was putting the candles on because there are only 26! YIKES! I thought of making him blow them out again, but I didn't want any more smoke in the apartment :)So that was our Sunday! On Saturday night, we got to go to a baseball game! It was quite fun except the Indians lost. We did enjoy it though. And we had GREAT seats!
The theme for the night was a beach theme.
And you can't have a beach weekend without giving out Surfin Grady Sizemore BOBBLEHEADS! We both got one and I think they are actually pretty cool. But don't forget they were handed out from Key Bank!I LOVE the American flag and I have been meaning to take a picture of one this whole month. I finally got the chance to. This one was one of my favorites;

Yay for birthday weekends! We had a blast and hope you had a blast reading about it! Happy Birthday Josh! Love you!!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

One Full Year DONE!

Yesterday, Josh had his LAST final for the summer session! He was COMPLETELY exhausted and ended up going to bed at like SEVEN last night. But I am soo PROUD of Josh finishing his first full year of podiatry school! Too bad we have 3 more years :( It's hard to think that we have been here for just about a full year! The time has really FLOWN by! So, I know that the next 3 years will probably be done before we know it too!

We had a GREAT 4th of July with a GREAT breakfast at the church, BBQ with friends and THE best fireworks display I think I have ever seen! It was AMAZING. The finale was the best ever! I was actually quite surprised at how good it was. And pics. I wish I would have taken my camera out but I must have been having too much fun! That's about all that's been going on. Hopefully, Josh and I will be able to do some fun things while he doesn't have school the next few weeks. If we do, I will be SURE to take pics!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simple Things/Happy Birthday

It's JULY!!!! I can't believe it! Partly because the last two days the highs have only been in the mid 60s!!!! Yeah, I know....this is TOTALLY not the type of summer that I know! I can wear jeans still and not feel like I am dying! I am enjoying it a little, but then once I start thinking about it, it makes me a little sad. This is like March weather to me and I know that winter is just going to come too fast! Yikes!

Being the first day of July, it was my first day in the new office for me at work! It was a pretty crazy day! I was way busy at work ALL day. One simple thing made my day today though. I got a little text from my WONDERFUL hubby and this is all that it said "We are getting a Sonic in Parma." Yeah, I know, it's GREAT news! We haven't been to Sonic in Ohio at all. The closest one right now is about 45 minutes away and now we will have one just down the road!!! I am WAAAAYY excited! Probably a little too excited even.

Josh and I also wanted to wish his mom, Jill, a VERY happy birthday...tomorrow! Jill is an AMAZING person! She has done so much for both of us and we love her so much! She truly is the best mother in law one could ask for! Thanks for everything. We love you! Happy Birthday!