Friday, May 20, 2011

Hangin with...

THREE OLD FARTS :) My mom, Grandma and Aunt Valerie all came to Cleveland to hang out with me last weekend. There is nothing like hanging out with them. They are one of a kind...each of them.  And really I am not degrading them by calling them old farts; it's what they call themselves.  I have a great time with them all.  They can keep anyone entertained. 

It doesn't seem like we really did much. We mainly just hung out talking and laughing.  We did go down to Amish Country, which is always fun.  And it's always a different experience every time I go.  I love all the little shops no matter how touristy they are.

We also attempted to go see the covered bridges of northest Ohio; bu on our way in the rain, we hit a pothole and got a flat tire.  Oh I was sooo mad.  WE had to wait about an hour for someone to come change the tire for us.  My mom and Grandma wouldn't let me attempt to do it myself.  I ended up having to get a new tire too.  Needless to say it was a ton of money for a trip to nowhere.  Oh well, the old farts kept me entertained while we waited.  And a not so bad looking police officer stopped and gave me a letter.  He said for us to send our receipts in and try to get reimbursed by the state.  I will most certainly be doing that! 

Here are the few pictures that I did take:
My Mommy:

 Aunt Valerie:

Grandma during her facebook lesson from my mom (now that was fun to listen too :))

Thanks Mom, Grandma and Aunt Valerie for keeping me company for the weekend.  It was great to see you all.  Come again!  Love you all!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

So Blessed!

I just wanted to write a quick post.  I got a new job offer!!!  I am beyond excited.  Since the beginning of the year, my job has become more and more less desirable.  I couldn't take it any more.  At times I thought I would be able to last another year then the next day something else at work would happen and I didn't think I could take another day.  A few weeks ago I started to apply for some new jobs and posted my resume online.  I got a few calls, a few phone interviews and a few personal interviews.  The day after I really started to look for a job, I got a phone call from a medical billing office.  As soon as I heard what type of position they were looking for, I totally wanted the job.  It's actually my favorite part of my current job and I would be doing just that full time!  I went in for an first in 3 years and I felt a little rusty.  I didn't think it went over that well.  A week later, they asked me to do an Excel test online.  Then another week went by.  I was thinking that it wasn't looking good even though i had only missed one question on the test.  Then I got a phone call for a second interview, which was scheduled for yesterday.  On my way to the interview, I prayed that whatever what going to be best for me would happen.  I also prayed for comfort.  I went in and felt totally confident.  I knew my Heavenly Father was there.  It was a pretty lax interview and I walked out feeling great.  I got a call this morning and was offered the position!!!  I am so unbelievably happy.  I truly feel that this job just fell into my lap.  It's not one that I applied for; they found my resume online.  I know that my Heavenly Father wants me to be happy. 

I also have a GREAT friend who had me over for dinner.  She even made me a cake to celebrate the new job.  And her family sung to me as well!  I am so grateful for the friendship that I have with them.  They are an amazing family and have no idea how much they will be missed by the Wrays when they move :(  Thank you so much!  You are the best!

This day has been a great one!  I got a new job!  My new running shoes FINALLY came were delivered!  I can't wait to wear them!  We also had a little thunderstorm...nothing like an Oklahoma storm, but it was something.  Overall, a GREAT day!  I feel so truly blessed by my Heavenly Father who wants me to be happy and also puts great friends into my life.  Ok..I'm off to go watch the Biggest Loser, read or clean...I need/want to do all three but I know that's not going to happen...We'll see which one wins.....Coming Soon...My Mother's Day post (maybe).