Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What we've been doing...

I am at work, really tired and bored out of my mind and thinking "this is almost my last day of work, I don't need to do anything." So, I think I should look at my blog then I noticed I haven't updated mine in over a week and I was getting mad at everyone else for not giving me something new to, here is our next post. We have been EXTREMELY busy this last week. You ask, well what have we been doing??? Well, all we have really been doing is packing and cleaning and moving. Josh left yesterday with most of our stuff. We didn't get to take EVERYTHING we want because we miss calculated a little on how much U-Haul space we needed and how much stuff we have. Yesterday, I went to the house and got the rest of our stuff out and finished doing the cleaning. I am going to stay at my mom's until Sunday when I leave. I feel a lot less stressed now that I have all of that done. Although, it is a little difficult to be practically living in your car for a week. I am pretty excited to move, I just wish I could have moved at the same time as Josh (I am staying because Shawnee is getting married on Friday!!!). Josh just got there a few minutes ago and I am hoping that everything is going to turn out with the apartment. Nothing else is really nblog-worthy. Our lives this week has really only consisted on moving. I hope you all have done something more exciting!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Weekend!

Oh boy...did we ever have one of the GREATEST weekends EVER! It went by way too fast though and I am pretty exhausted from it all, but it was really fun. On Friday, I went to Cassie's bridal shower (a friend from college that is getting married on August 2 in the San Diego Temple). It was really fun. I lost at the paper clip game (I kept crossing my darn legs!) but totally won in the purse game (I have everything you can imagine in my purse)! It was pretty fun! Congrats to you and Nick!

On Saturday, we had my family out for a barbecue and swim party. (Our landlords live right down the down and have an awesome house and were kind enough to let us come down for the day!) We were celebrating Josh's Birthday! (Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you tons!) We were also celebrating my college graduation!!!!!! I have to go to my class today to present, but then I am DONE!!!! Then it was also kind of a good bye/moving away party. It was the last time some of my family members will see Josh before he leaves! (Oh we are going to Cleveland by the way!) Here are some pictures from the party:
Logan and my Dad:
My Mom holding Matthew:
(Mom didn't swim but was very happy to get to hold him)
Nathan on the board
Josh with Brayden and Nola
Nathan on the board
Nichole finishing her dive!
Brayden (I think he really enjoyed the water)
Mom doing her thing
Matthew doing his:
Logan trying to see how far out he could jump

Nathan again

Josh-looks like he was going to belly flop,
but I am pretty sure he didn't on this one

Jason, a friend of ours

Nola, Dad and Brayden

Not sure who

Dad and Josh talking



Mom, David and Matthew:

Dad jumping off the board after much begging!

Nathan again:

Dad, he ended up having a pretty good time on the diving board:


Nichole and Matthew:

We really had a great time. After swimming, Josh and I got all cleaned up then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Karaoke night with some friends. It was pretty fun! Josh did a good job. I didn't sing though, I don't want to have to make all those people go through so much pain. It was really fun to listen to everyone though!

On Sunday, we went to church. In our primary class, I had everyone take a picture with us. We have one more week with them, but are going to miss them all terribly. it was hard to teach them at first, but we really learned to love all of them! It will be very hard to say good bye next week.

After church we went to dinner at my mom's and just enjoyed the rest of the weekend. Today, I am exhausted though! I just want to go back to sleep. I am going to my very LAST class EVER in a few hours! I am way excited to get this over with! I think I am going to go see the new Batman movie tonight too, so I am really excited! It was another fun, crazy weekend in our home, what was yours like?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess Who's Back

Last night as I was packing up the kitchen, I found a spider in one of our pitchers. I through some rubbing alcohol in the pitcher and swished it around to kill the spider. (Rubbing Alcohol? must be thinking. Well, it was the closest thing around and this sort of thing happens quite often so I know that if I don't kill it soon then by the time I find something else, I won't be able to find it.) I go outside to throw the dead spider outside as I am coming back in guess what I see...that's right, a SCORPION! Of course Josh isn't home and I freak out! It was right by our FRONT DOOR! I didn't want to leave it because once again I knew that if I did by the time I got back to it, I wouldn't be able to find it. I also didn't have any shoes on, so I couldn't just step on it...what am I suppose to do??? So, I decide that I have to at least try to seek revenge. I run inside and find the first cleaning chemical I can find that I think might kill it, which ended up being like a Clorox Bleach Bathroom cleaner. I sprayed it as much as I could, but once I started to spray it went into a crack and I couldn't really see it, but I did continue to spray until I had no more spray in the bottle. I'm still not sure if I killed it or not, but I sure hope I did!! My question is, why do these type of things always happen when Josh isn't home??? Anyways, I just thought that I would keep everyone updated on the scorpion issue!

As for everything else...this week has been pretty busy for us. We've gotten a lot of packing done, so that is nice. It's all coming together. Josh is now an alternate for the school in Des Moines, so once again where we are moving is up in the air. We will moving far away from home in two weeks, but where? Who knows!?!? Today, my brother and sister-in-law are moving about an hour away. I know my mom is getting pretty sad that all of her kids are leaving her and it seems like it is all at once. Logan will hopefully be going on a mission soon, so that leaves only Shawnee and James in Stillwater when only just a few months ago my mom had 5/6 kids in the same town as her and now she will be going down to 1! Mom, just so you know, we all love you and will miss you!

Oh the only other thing that I was going to post today was that I only have like 2 more classes and I am done with my college education!!! I am soooo excited! If only it was already over. On Saturday, we are having everyone over to our/our landlord's house for a BBQ and swimming party to celebrate since I didn't go to commencement or anything!

Here are the pictures that I took of the storm moving in the other day. I thought they were pretty awesome.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Craziness in the Wray Home!

Ok...where should I begin. Things in our house are going to be getting pretty crazy, or crazier than they already are. Last week, Josh had his interview in Cleveland and he got in!!! We are both totally excited. This was the school that Josh originally wanted to go to. We still haven't heard from Des Moines but should in the next couple days. I think we are both totally ok if we don't get into Des Moines. We both really liked it there, but I also feel REALLY good about Cleveland (a lot better than I did about Philadelphia!). We have start to look at apartments there and it's been interesting trying to find our maybe future apartment on the interent! When Josh called me on Friday after his interview, he first told me that he didn't get in and that he had also heard from Des Moines and had not gotten in there either. He played it up pretty good for about a minute, then told me the truth. He is constantly playing these little tricks with me! I am very excited though that he did get in and now we don't have to go to Philadelphia. Hopefully though we will hear from Des Moines today so we can set in stone where we are going. We have started packing more and more (this weekend was a little busy so we didn't get too much done!). Right now, it looks like a tornado has come through because stuff is EVERYWHERE! We have different piles of stuff for stuff to sell on ebay, one for stuff to give to Salvation Army, one for stuff we still need to decide whether or not we will be taking it...etc Hopefully this week we will have time to do a lot more packing! If we end up going to Cleveland, Josh has to be there on the 31st of JULY! (Note: that is in two and a half weeks!) I will be staying a little later though because Shawnee is getting married on August 1st!!

Hmmm...oh while Josh was in Cleveland, I stayed with my mom! It was a lot of fun...just like old times. The best part though was that fact that I didn't get stung by any scorpions!!! That made me way happy! I went to the movies with my mom and my sister-in-law, Nichole. We went to see "Kit Kittridge," it's an American Doll movie. It was pretty cute! When we went I found out that the movie theater lowered their prices!! I was sooo happy. We only payed $4/ticket for a matinee, which used to be $5.50 or so. And a regular night movie is not only $6, when it used to be like $8 or so....we might be visiting the movies a little more the next couple of days! :)

On Saturday, I did Shawnee's Bridal Shower. I think it turned out really well! We played games and have some food while we were surrounded by the coolest decorations by Kara & Kathy Scifres (James' sister and mom!). Here are a few pictures of the decorations:

That is James' Dad (don't worry he left once the shower started)

We played some really cool games that I had found on the Internet. This one was a sock game. There were 12 different socks, each with something that Shawnee can use on her honeymoon, everyone had to guess what each thing was but they could only touch it with their feet. It was soo fun and really funny to watch and listen. Here are a few pictures of that. I didn't get pictures of any of the other games though because my batteries dies :(

The next game that we played was really fun but maybe not so appropriate for all audiences, so we'll fast forward. The last game that we played we the game that Shawnee has made tons of people play. We asked James 20 questions (right before the shower started so Shawnee couldn't get any of the answers out of him). Then during the shower, Shawnee had try and guess how James answered the question. For each one she got wrong, a piece of bubble gum went into her mouth. It was a lot of fun to get payback on her for this game. She had saliva all over by the end :) Here are the last two pictures we could take with my camera before it died.
Overall the shower was great! I know Shawnee was bummed that some of her really good friends weren't able to make it, but hopefully, she still had a fun time! Congrats Shawnee! We are all sooo happy for you and James!

Ok, the shower pretty much took up my whole yesterday we went to my mom's to celebrate all the July birthdays in our family! Shawnee's birthday was the 10th, Nichole's is the 18th and Josh's is the 19th! We ate a good dinner then had cake and ice cream! Logan's friends came over later than evening and we lit fireworks off! It was a lot of fun! I got to hold Matthew, my nephew quite a bit too! I am really going to miss that once we move! He is the cutest little boy!

I guess I will stop rambling now! Hopefully in my next post, we will know for sure where we are moving!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Shawnee!

Today, I just wanted to wish one of my favorite sisters a very Happy Birthday! Shawnee is an AWESOME sister to have and I feel very bad for all of you that don't have her as a sister. She is ALWAYS there for you! If you ever need someone to talk to, she is there. Shawnee is also the type that will tell you what she thinks most of the time, which is suppose to be a good thing. She's very beautiful despite all the crap I give her about her neck or her nose ;) Love you Shawnee! I am very excited for her to be getting married next month. This is truly the happiest I have ever seen her! Shawnee is also very good with her money and manages it well which is something I have always looked up to her for! She did my bridal shower and I am very was a blast! I am also very pleased to be able to return the favor. One of the things that I can only do with Shawnee is rap to N'Sync's "It makes me Ill," we love that song and would sing it over and over! One of my favorite memories with Shawnee is that when we were younger before we would fall asleep, we would lay in bed and put pretend makeup on each other and "pierce" each others ears! Now that was loads of painful fun. Anyways, Shawnee, Happy Birthday! We love you tons!

Ok, so enough of the mushy stuff...Josh is going to Cleveland today for his interview! Yeah!!! The only bad thing is that I don't get to go with him. I am staying at my mom's for the next two days, so at least I don't have to worry about scorpions in my bed when I am home alone :) It will also give me time to get things for Shawnee's shower on Saturday all ready! Everyone knows I am the biggest procrastinator so of course I only have ideas right now and nothing completely done. Hopefully, I can get my mom rolling on her blog too. Now that she has one, she needs to post on it!! I also have a test on Monday, so I guess I will be studying for that this weekend too. Wow, I have lots to get done this weekend Yeah...another big busy weekend.

Tuesday night, I I looked out the window and saw I storm coming in. I decided that I should quickly take a shower (I don't like to shower when there is a thunderstorm happening). After my shower, I sat on my front porch and watched the storm come in while Josh was on the phone. It was amazing! There was the smell of rain, the sunny sky to the north and the black sky to the south, the light breeze that quickly turns into a fierce wind, thunder, and lightning. It was truly amazing to watch it come in! I have pictures of it, but I don't have my camera, so I will try and post those later. Hope you all have a great afternoon!

Monday, July 7, 2008

We Got In...

Ok, so we had a GREAT weekend! On Wednesday we found out that Josh got into school! He was accepted into Temple University in Philadelphia! We are VERY excited and now the stress of getting into school is gone and the stress of moving has come into our lives! We actually haven't "accepted" the offer into Temple. They gave us two weeks to decide and we are waiting to hear from a few more Des Moines! We went there Wednesday after work! It was a LONG night. We hit a pretty large thunderstorm and then made a wrong turn, so it took us a little longer than expected but we got to our hotel at about 1:30 am and went straight to sleep! In the morning we got up fairly early and I dropped Josh off at the school and went back to the hotel to sleep until check out time! I then decide to explore Des Moines! I really liked the city a lot and only got lost once! I was very amazed at myself! We had a map that said there were four malls in Des Moines, so I thought that I would check them out. I went to the one that was closest, but I never really did see a mall. I drove by twice to make sure I didn't miss it and the second time all I saw was like a run down dollar store strip mall....not that there is anything wrong with that but I was looking for a MALL! I decided I would then go check out the other ones. I went to two more and they weren't that bad. Though they were a little different than most malls I've been in because one of them had like a target and other similar stores in it....I thought that was a little weird. Oh on a side note, through all of my driving around Des Moines, I did not see ONE Wal-Mart! I saw like three Targets but no Wal-Mart. Maybe that isn't so weird to some of you, but you always see them around here! Anyways, I ended up watching "Wall-E" at the mall while I waited for Josh. I'm not a big fan of it. I didn't think it was very good at all. I did miss that last 10-15 minutes though because Josh called and had gotten done early! Maybe the last 10 minutes make up for the first hour and a half, but I don't know. to anyone thinking about going to see it, I would wait to rent it. For the interview, we think it went alright. Josh was the only one interviewing that day and got to spend like an hour with just the dean! We hope to hear from them by the end of this week! We both really like the area and the school seems REALLY nice, so we are crossing our fingers! If not though, we will be VERY happy to go to Temple! After the interview, we just came home. We did stop in Kansas City and ate and went to a few places, mainly Cabella's. It was fun. Other than that though, we didn't stop anywhere. We almost made it home on one tank of gas too! We were both pretty excited about that! We made it back in about 7 hours, which isn't bad at all.

On Friday---Happy Fourth of July! We actually didn't do a lot of festivities. We decided that now that we know we are moving, although we don't know where, that we should start packing and going through some things and decide what we will take, what to put on ebay, etc. So, that is mainly what we did on Friday. Then we went and watched fireworks!

On Saturday---we were just kind of lazy! We did go down to Oklahoma City to do a few things and went to my Dad's to BBQ and play games. That was really fun and something that I will really miss when we move! That pretty much sums up everything that is going on in our lives! I only have like two weeks left of school! YEAH!!! I am very excited to be done! What have you been up to? (Sorry for all the text and the lack of pictures..we did take our camera, just not any pictures)