Monday, July 14, 2008

Craziness in the Wray Home!

Ok...where should I begin. Things in our house are going to be getting pretty crazy, or crazier than they already are. Last week, Josh had his interview in Cleveland and he got in!!! We are both totally excited. This was the school that Josh originally wanted to go to. We still haven't heard from Des Moines but should in the next couple days. I think we are both totally ok if we don't get into Des Moines. We both really liked it there, but I also feel REALLY good about Cleveland (a lot better than I did about Philadelphia!). We have start to look at apartments there and it's been interesting trying to find our maybe future apartment on the interent! When Josh called me on Friday after his interview, he first told me that he didn't get in and that he had also heard from Des Moines and had not gotten in there either. He played it up pretty good for about a minute, then told me the truth. He is constantly playing these little tricks with me! I am very excited though that he did get in and now we don't have to go to Philadelphia. Hopefully though we will hear from Des Moines today so we can set in stone where we are going. We have started packing more and more (this weekend was a little busy so we didn't get too much done!). Right now, it looks like a tornado has come through because stuff is EVERYWHERE! We have different piles of stuff for stuff to sell on ebay, one for stuff to give to Salvation Army, one for stuff we still need to decide whether or not we will be taking it...etc Hopefully this week we will have time to do a lot more packing! If we end up going to Cleveland, Josh has to be there on the 31st of JULY! (Note: that is in two and a half weeks!) I will be staying a little later though because Shawnee is getting married on August 1st!!

Hmmm...oh while Josh was in Cleveland, I stayed with my mom! It was a lot of fun...just like old times. The best part though was that fact that I didn't get stung by any scorpions!!! That made me way happy! I went to the movies with my mom and my sister-in-law, Nichole. We went to see "Kit Kittridge," it's an American Doll movie. It was pretty cute! When we went I found out that the movie theater lowered their prices!! I was sooo happy. We only payed $4/ticket for a matinee, which used to be $5.50 or so. And a regular night movie is not only $6, when it used to be like $8 or so....we might be visiting the movies a little more the next couple of days! :)

On Saturday, I did Shawnee's Bridal Shower. I think it turned out really well! We played games and have some food while we were surrounded by the coolest decorations by Kara & Kathy Scifres (James' sister and mom!). Here are a few pictures of the decorations:

That is James' Dad (don't worry he left once the shower started)

We played some really cool games that I had found on the Internet. This one was a sock game. There were 12 different socks, each with something that Shawnee can use on her honeymoon, everyone had to guess what each thing was but they could only touch it with their feet. It was soo fun and really funny to watch and listen. Here are a few pictures of that. I didn't get pictures of any of the other games though because my batteries dies :(

The next game that we played was really fun but maybe not so appropriate for all audiences, so we'll fast forward. The last game that we played we the game that Shawnee has made tons of people play. We asked James 20 questions (right before the shower started so Shawnee couldn't get any of the answers out of him). Then during the shower, Shawnee had try and guess how James answered the question. For each one she got wrong, a piece of bubble gum went into her mouth. It was a lot of fun to get payback on her for this game. She had saliva all over by the end :) Here are the last two pictures we could take with my camera before it died.
Overall the shower was great! I know Shawnee was bummed that some of her really good friends weren't able to make it, but hopefully, she still had a fun time! Congrats Shawnee! We are all sooo happy for you and James!

Ok, the shower pretty much took up my whole yesterday we went to my mom's to celebrate all the July birthdays in our family! Shawnee's birthday was the 10th, Nichole's is the 18th and Josh's is the 19th! We ate a good dinner then had cake and ice cream! Logan's friends came over later than evening and we lit fireworks off! It was a lot of fun! I got to hold Matthew, my nephew quite a bit too! I am really going to miss that once we move! He is the cutest little boy!

I guess I will stop rambling now! Hopefully in my next post, we will know for sure where we are moving!


  1. Sounds like quite the weekend! The shower looks like it was a lot of fun! Love that cake, too cute! We are so excited that you guys got into Clevland, we'll keep our fingers crossed about Des Moines, but at least you know you're going somewhere! Anyways, have fun packing (so no fun!) and let us know where you're headed when you know!

  2. Congratulations on Cleveland that is exciting.Cute decorations for Shawnee's shower.

  3. oh my goodness dina, cutest shower EVER!!! Shawnee looks so happy too. Congrats on getting in to cleveland!!!

  4. Cleveland would be closer to me- and that is very important!

    I love the pics from Shawnees shower. Her wedding is coming up fast! I was really hoping to come, but it looks like none of us will be able to make it:( Stupid gas prices!

  5. Hey--it's Rachel from Cleveland. I run the grad school wives blog, so when your husband told me you loved your blog, I HAD to get on and say hello!

    We are so excited you guys are coming here! HOORAY! It is MUCH better than Philly--we interviewed there and I went with my husband. When we flew home I had no idea what we were going to do because there was NO way I was moving there!! :) WE LOVE IT HERE!!! LOVE IT!

    Can't wait to meet you!