Thursday, July 17, 2008

Guess Who's Back

Last night as I was packing up the kitchen, I found a spider in one of our pitchers. I through some rubbing alcohol in the pitcher and swished it around to kill the spider. (Rubbing Alcohol? must be thinking. Well, it was the closest thing around and this sort of thing happens quite often so I know that if I don't kill it soon then by the time I find something else, I won't be able to find it.) I go outside to throw the dead spider outside as I am coming back in guess what I see...that's right, a SCORPION! Of course Josh isn't home and I freak out! It was right by our FRONT DOOR! I didn't want to leave it because once again I knew that if I did by the time I got back to it, I wouldn't be able to find it. I also didn't have any shoes on, so I couldn't just step on it...what am I suppose to do??? So, I decide that I have to at least try to seek revenge. I run inside and find the first cleaning chemical I can find that I think might kill it, which ended up being like a Clorox Bleach Bathroom cleaner. I sprayed it as much as I could, but once I started to spray it went into a crack and I couldn't really see it, but I did continue to spray until I had no more spray in the bottle. I'm still not sure if I killed it or not, but I sure hope I did!! My question is, why do these type of things always happen when Josh isn't home??? Anyways, I just thought that I would keep everyone updated on the scorpion issue!

As for everything else...this week has been pretty busy for us. We've gotten a lot of packing done, so that is nice. It's all coming together. Josh is now an alternate for the school in Des Moines, so once again where we are moving is up in the air. We will moving far away from home in two weeks, but where? Who knows!?!? Today, my brother and sister-in-law are moving about an hour away. I know my mom is getting pretty sad that all of her kids are leaving her and it seems like it is all at once. Logan will hopefully be going on a mission soon, so that leaves only Shawnee and James in Stillwater when only just a few months ago my mom had 5/6 kids in the same town as her and now she will be going down to 1! Mom, just so you know, we all love you and will miss you!

Oh the only other thing that I was going to post today was that I only have like 2 more classes and I am done with my college education!!! I am soooo excited! If only it was already over. On Saturday, we are having everyone over to our/our landlord's house for a BBQ and swimming party to celebrate since I didn't go to commencement or anything!

Here are the pictures that I took of the storm moving in the other day. I thought they were pretty awesome.


  1. You must be jinxed! Hopefully there won't be scorpions in Iowa/Ohio, wherever you end up! I hate having things up in the air, I'm a plan kind of girl so this would be driving me nuts! But at least you'll be packed and ready wherever you end up going! Good luck and again, can't wait to see where you're going!

  2. cool pics, so when is your mom going to post...LOL.

  3. Yay for graduating! Isn't it the greatest feeling ever? I hope you and Josh figure out where you are going soon.