Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend in Indiana!

Last weekend Josh and I got to go to Indiana to visit his aunt, uncle and cousins! Josh lived with them in Oklahoma for a while. One of their boys was getting baptized so we decided to head over there. It turned out to be about a six hour drive. It wasn't too bad though. We had a great time. It was a really good mini vacation weekend. Here is a picture of us in the car on the way down there. Josh didn't want to smile for me. He was just being stubborn because he says he doesn't like it when I take pictures like this. Oh well!On the way down, we drove through Columbus, which is where Graeter's ice cream is located. I had never been there before but I have heard GREAT things about it. Everyone says it's the best ice cream they have ever had. When we went, the place was pretty crowded, so we hurried through. It was good ice cream though! I would say it's just about as good as Braum's. The only reason I think it's not better is because it was WAY more expensive. Oh and for those of you who don't live in the Oklahoma area, Braum's is a ice cream/burger chain that is REALLY REALLY good! Oh how I miss it! We got there a little late at night, so we chatted for a few minutes with Jordan and Melissa and then also Josh's grandparents! Then we went to sleep. We were soo exhausted. On Saturday we went to Fair Oaks Dairy farm that was close by. It was really interesting. Being the city girl that I am, I sure did learn a lot! I even saw most of the process of a cow giving birth. Now that was interesting. Here are a few pictures taken at the farm:
Once we got back from the farm we had to hurry up and change and go to the baptism. Jackson was then baptized and confirmed! It was a great weekend!
We had a lot of fun seeing family again! We left Sunday morning and drove a more scenic route home. We had a blast and were completely exhausted once we got home. But like any other weekend vacation, it was worth it! Our next trip will be to Michigan with my family in May! All siblings are going to hopefully make it! I love weekend trips! They completely exhausted, but we ALWAYS have a good time! So, that was our weekend. We are now into finals! Wish us luck these next few weeks!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

All in One Night

What did I do last night?? I did a ton of stuff. I don't think I even sat down until I laid down in bed at like 11:30! Last night, Josh had a church missionary meeting and I had too much to do. Here is the list of things I did:

1.) I did the laundry! Doing laundry in an apartment with no washer/dryer is difficult. Luckily there is one on each floor of our apartment building, but it cost $1.25/load to wash and then a whole to dry. We are so cheap, that we just hang dry our clothes in our apartment; we save A LOT of money doing this, but it is also such a pain in the butt!!

2.) I cleaned our apartment! Now, I know this might not look "clean" to everyone because there are still little stacks of papers and other things, but you should have seen it before I cleaned. I vacuumed too! The carpet was pretty dirty!
3.) I made my mom's FAMOUS and FABULOUS sugar cookies! Yum!!! They are soooo good!!!
4.) I made strawberry jam! I can't wait to eat it! Yum! And as you can see....strawberry jam + sugar cookies+ small kitchen=BIG MESS. But that's fine, the kitchen was a disaster before anyways. So I did clean the kitchen afterwards too
I got home from work at about 6pm last night and did all of this in about 4 hours! There are plenty of things that I want to get done, but I was just too exhausted! I wanted to be able to clean the bathroom, clean the kitchen floor better than I did, put away ALL the laundry (some of it didn't get dry last night), clean the bedroom, and pack (we are going to Indiana this weekend! WooHoo)! I am actually very happy though that I was able to get so much done in one night. But you guys are probably thinking that I am crazy (and I would agree) and wondering why I decided to do ALL of this in one night after working for 9 hours! Well I do have reasons, and for the most part, they are good reasons. If I were to sum it up in one word, it would be PROCRASTINATION! For those of you who want more of an explanations, read on...
  1. I HAD to do the laundry. I absolutely hate doing and therefore put it off until either Josh complains he has nothing to wear or I get tired of wearing all the clothes that I only wear when I have no other clothes. In this case, it was me tired of wearing all my "ugly" clothes (or the clothes that I don't like any more). And since we are going away this weekend, we needed clean clothes.
  2. I cleaned the apartment. Our apartment really needed some attention. This last week, Josh and I have been really busy every night and have just thrown everything in the living and it was bad. I HATE leaving for a vacation, even just a weekend vacation, and coming back to a dirty house! It just stresses me out even more and it's so nice to come home to a clean house! So, since we are leaving right when I get off work today. The apartment HAD to be cleaned last night!
  3. I made sugar cookies! I was actually going to make this last weekend, but I got too busy. They have been on my mind though and sounded so good to me. I also wanted to have something sweet that Josh and I could snack on on our six hour car ride! So, yes I HAD to make sugar cookies!
  4. My sister-in-law, Ashley, did a post this last week abour her homemade strawberry jam and it made me CRAVE it! I bought strawberries for it this week since they were on sale. And the reason why I HAD to do it last night, is because the strawberries were starting to get a little mushy and I knew they wouldn't last through the weekend. I decided that I needed to make it before we left. I can't wait to actually eat some of it! Hopefully it will trun out good. I've never done it before.
So those are my reasons! I am really excited to get away for this weekend! We are going to Indiana for Josh's cousin's baptism! We are really excited to see them! I haven't seen them since they moved from Oklahoma! Have a great weekend everyone! Wow that was a LONG post and it only covered one night!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter and My B-Day

And I was doing soooo well....Here's a quick update! For Easter, we were able to go over to a friend's house to dye Easter eggs. I forgot my camera, so I just took this picture when we got home. These are the ones Josh and I dyed! We had a great time. Church was really good too! I LOVE Easter programs by the choir! They did such a great job! We had a GREAT EASTER.

This birthday was QUITE different for me, not that it was a bad one though. Growing up, Mom would take me out of school on my birthday to go shopping with her! That was what I always looked forward! No school, shopping, and one on one time with Mom!!!! You can't be that! This year, I had to spend the day WORKING!!!! YUCK!!!! and no shopping and no Mom! It was a little traumatizing to be honest. I am not like this whole "real world" of working! These are the days that I miss college! Oh well! Josh definitely made it a great day for me though! i woke up to BEAUTIFUL flowers, a balloon. breakfast and a sweet note from him!!! He got up SUPER early to do this too! What a sweetheart! I was smiling ALL morning because of it too!

After work, we went to dinner with some friends at Damon's Grill! It was quite tasty and my meal was FREE!!!! So it tasted much better :) Then we went over to our friend's, Karie and Trevor's, for cake and ice cream and games! It was so much fun! Thanks Karie! You guys are awesome! To make it even better, the girls beat the guys in BOTH games that we played!!! It was a blast! Over all, it was a GREAT birthday! Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Conference Weekend

I had a GREAT weekend! I was able to go to Utah for Conference. The way out to Utah ended up being a LONG day of travel, but it wasn't bad. I was able to meet up with Christine in Phoenix and travel the rest of the way with her! And let me tell you, Christine is THE BEST person to travel standby with. She's sooo laid back and fun to be with! It was great! The only thing that I missed was that Nathan, Nichole, Matthew and then Shawnee and James weren't able to make it! Hopefully next time though! I miss you guys! Anyways, Christine and I were the last bunch that made it in that afternoon. We were all totally exhausted, so we ate our Dill-Get-Together-Tradition of PIZZA and then pretty much went to bed! We woke up to SNOW!!! I was so disappointed, but got over it quickly! Here is a picture of Dad and Brayden out in the snow before we left for conference. Oh and sorry about the GIANT snowflake on my dad's head---OOPS:
Before conference, we met up with my Grandpa and aunts at a McDonalds for breakfast! I am totally bummed that I didn't get any pictures with them. But it was great to see them! We rode the tram thing into Salt Lake, which was the best decision ever because there were SOOOO many people! Here is a picture of everyone that went with us to the actual conference session minus my dad who was taking the picture. Oh and Jared is the guy in it. This was the first time I ever really got to talk to him. I met him in the temple when they got married and that was it.
Of course there were protesters, but there weren't as many as I thought there would be and it wasn't bad at all. All I can do is to laugh at them because they are just so off the mark. But enough about them. Here is a picture that we took in front of the conference center right before the session on Saturday morning.
It was such a good session of conference and really the only one I got to see this time around. It was really good to go with my family too! It was a great experience. Right after the conference session, we went to go watch the Joseph Smith movie in the Legacy Theater. It was really good. I had seen it before, but it was the same with conference, really neat to be there with my family as we are now older and somewhat more mature. After the movie, we were able to go eat at a restaurant that is on the top floor of the Legacy Theater. It was really good food and had an amazing view. Here is one picture that we took from the restaurant.After eating, we did a little church shopping in the distribution center. We just all got a few pictures and things, nothing too big. Then we went to the visitors center few just a few minutes before we had to catch the tram back.
Here's a picture of Brayden that was just too cute not to post!
Then we went over to my aunt's house and had a great time talking with them! It was really good. Then we left EARLY on Sunday morning! I was able to make my flight and sleep on them, so that was good. It was the best weekend trip I've taken in such a long time! It was so short and we packed so much into it and we were all totally exhausted when we got home, but it was so much fun! It's amazing how much of a difference being spiritually uplifted makes! Anyways, all in all it was a great weekend and I have been totally exhausted since, but it was well worth it.