Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Weekend in Indiana!

Last weekend Josh and I got to go to Indiana to visit his aunt, uncle and cousins! Josh lived with them in Oklahoma for a while. One of their boys was getting baptized so we decided to head over there. It turned out to be about a six hour drive. It wasn't too bad though. We had a great time. It was a really good mini vacation weekend. Here is a picture of us in the car on the way down there. Josh didn't want to smile for me. He was just being stubborn because he says he doesn't like it when I take pictures like this. Oh well!On the way down, we drove through Columbus, which is where Graeter's ice cream is located. I had never been there before but I have heard GREAT things about it. Everyone says it's the best ice cream they have ever had. When we went, the place was pretty crowded, so we hurried through. It was good ice cream though! I would say it's just about as good as Braum's. The only reason I think it's not better is because it was WAY more expensive. Oh and for those of you who don't live in the Oklahoma area, Braum's is a ice cream/burger chain that is REALLY REALLY good! Oh how I miss it! We got there a little late at night, so we chatted for a few minutes with Jordan and Melissa and then also Josh's grandparents! Then we went to sleep. We were soo exhausted. On Saturday we went to Fair Oaks Dairy farm that was close by. It was really interesting. Being the city girl that I am, I sure did learn a lot! I even saw most of the process of a cow giving birth. Now that was interesting. Here are a few pictures taken at the farm:
Once we got back from the farm we had to hurry up and change and go to the baptism. Jackson was then baptized and confirmed! It was a great weekend!
We had a lot of fun seeing family again! We left Sunday morning and drove a more scenic route home. We had a blast and were completely exhausted once we got home. But like any other weekend vacation, it was worth it! Our next trip will be to Michigan with my family in May! All siblings are going to hopefully make it! I love weekend trips! They completely exhausted, but we ALWAYS have a good time! So, that was our weekend. We are now into finals! Wish us luck these next few weeks!

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  1. I am so glad you got to go see the family. It is always a pick me up when you haven't seen them for awhile. I know they loved having you come. Grandpa and Grandma sure enjoyed having you, too!