Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Everybody does it, right?

  1. Everybody walks away from the check out line leaving a bag of groceries or gallon of milk at some point in their life? I did this for the very first time this week. I made it all the way to the car before I realized I left my gallon of milk at the register. The cashier was looking for me and I felt like an idiot!
  2. Everybody eats just ice cream for dinner! Yum!! Nothing like cookies-n-cream ice cream for dinner.

  3. Everybody LOVES Mexican food like I do and keeps eating the HUGE platter in front of them until it is completely gone even when you weren't too hungry to begin with. YUMMMM...I LOVE Mexican. I need it now! It's a BAD addiction that I have had. I haven't really had good addicting Mexican food since we moved to Ohio until this last weekend. (Thanks Karie!) And since then I haven't been able to get my mind off of it!!!

  4. Everybody feels like they are going to DIE after running only a mile! Yes, I have been working out for about a week and a half and I still feel like I am going to die, but I am pushing through!
  5. Everybody NEEDS Dr. Pepper like I do, right? I haven't been able to stop drinking it for the last week. This was also an addiction that I had in high school. I made myself stop drinking it except for on special occasions, one of which was last week when I brought Josh dinner at the school. I haven't gone a day without one since.

  6. Everybody sits at work, ignoring their phone calls so that they can blog and chat with their mom and sister.

  7. Everybody HATES waking up as much as I do. It's so hard to wake up and I hate it when the sun pours into our East-facing window in the morning. 

Everybody does these things, right? (Sorry about the abnormally LARGE photos...not sure what happened there!)


  1. I want cookies and cream ice cream for dinner! That's my favorite ice cream! And I love Dr. Pepper!!! I miss it like crazy!

  2. Oh, love Dr. P! Seriously, ice cream for dinner, check that on my list as well! I just don't have a huge love for Mexican food, any other kid and I've totally done that same thing!
    I didn't see your Indiana post until now-looks like you had a great time! All those kiddos are getting so big! Hope you guys are doing well, we miss you!

  3. Ok, WHERE is this great Mexican joint?? We haven't found a good one here and since you talked about it so wonderfully I must have some!!!

  4. Dina, your not going to believe this but I am no longer addicted to DP. I am now addicted to Diet DP. Thats a little better right? lol.

  5. way to go with the running. keep at it! you'll feel better in no time. and then you won't feel guilty about the ice cream for dinner or the huge mexican platter. :) by the way, i need to know where you went! i love mexican too!

  6. I went to Cozumel at
    16311 Brookpark Rd.
    Brook Park OH.

    It was soooo good!!! Best Mexican food that I have had here in Ohio. All should try it out!

  7. I love Mexican food, I've not only forgotten a bag of groceries but got all the way home before I realized it and sent Carlin back to the store to get it, and running, what's that?

  8. I read this post yesterday (and since i'm pregnant) I all of a sudden could NOT live without I called my husband and he agreed (whoo-hoo) so lastnight for dinner...we ate some seriously mouthwatering mexican food!!!
    I had indigestion the rest of the night, but don't think for one second that with every burning pain I didn't think about how "worth it" it was to get some of that devine mexican food!!!


  9. So funny, I love it! I also love all the farm pics. It looks like you guys had a good time on your little trip.

  10. In my second life I want to be a Mexican cook! Love, love, love it! Most of my friends at work bring in take out and share. It is great!