Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend (with LOTS of pics)!

We had a BLAST this last weekend! For Memorial Day, we drove up to Michigan and the rest of my family flew up there and met us. It was a little bit of a stuggle leaving Ohio, but after getting our AC fixed and FOUR new tires, we were off! Friday night we stayed at my grandpa's house in Holt, Michigan and the camera stayed in the car :( Then on Staurday morning, we drove up to Glen Arbor, Michigan and the camera came out! We had so much fun and got to stay in a really nice place. (and no pics of the place where we stayed...sorry)
I started out with over 200 pictures and narrowed it down to these ones to share with you guys! Here we go!
The first thing we did when we go to the house was EAT! This is Emmi eating her oreos and crackers:
Matthew, the hunk, and Josh:
After getting food in us and relaxing a bit, we decided to tour the cute little town it was a lot of fun. So here a few of us walking around. It was BEAUTIFUL!
Matthew on Nathan, Grandpa, Emmi on Josh
Stirling! I love this kid! He is so smart and so much fun!
Brayden on Dad, Matthew on Nathan, Stirling on James and Emmi on Josh:
He has gotten so BIG since I last saw him! He is such a CUTIE!
Christine & Shawnee
Stirling: I love this pic
Cute Emmi:
Me with Stirling:
Brayden running away: This kid is FAST!
Gramps! Love him so much!
Matthew: This is my FAVORITE pic of him. He just looks all big and bad!
James & Shawnee being James & Shawnee:
We walked down by the lake too and skipped some rocks. Here are a few pics:
Bath Time:
On Sunday, we went for a scenic drive, played in the sand dunes, went swimming, jumped in the VERY cold lake losing Christine's ring, and played in the dunes again. We had such a great time. More pics:
We tried to go tubing down the sand dunes, but that didn't work, so Josh, James & Shawnee made their own way to go tubing. A few pictures to describe how they went down:
We buried Stirling ALIVE:
We left Monday morning. On the way home we saw this on the front of a restaurant:
We had such a GREAT time! And were so happy we got to see everyone!


  1. Sounds like fun and Matthew looks just like Nathan!

  2. Looks like so much fun and great pictures! You have a great eye for photos. And Nichole looks cute! Everyone looks great.