Sunday, July 22, 2012


Ok, Ok I know I am about 2 months behind but life has been crazy!  We really have been having so much going on but we are loving it all.  We are going to back up to May 18th, 2012 and the day before.  That was graduation weekend...a big weekend.  It was what we had been waiting for for years.  At first we didn't think the day would ever come and now looking back, those years flew by!  The weeks leading up to, the week of and the weeks after graduation are pretty much a blur.  We were extremely busy people and life just completely flew by.  Luckily, I did take a few pictures to help jog my memory.

Living with the Nebeker's during graduation put an extra spin on everything.  TO be completely honest, I wasn't sure how it was all going to work out but it couldn't have been any better.  The Nebeker's are great people.  We definitely couldn't have done it with anyone else.

Josh's grandparents came into town Wednesday night.  They took us out for dinner at Bob Evan's.  It was great to see them and spend some time with just and and them.  They are just the cutest couple ever!  Josh's parents, my mom, Aunt Valerie and Grandma all came into town on Thursday.  I got to go to lunch with my mom, aunt Valerie and Grandma which was really fun.  These ladies just crack me up!  It's been great to live closer to them for a couple years and see them more often.  My Dad got there EARLY Friday morning as he was driving from Oklahoma. 

The night before graduation, we had a BBQ with all of our families.  Keith's parents and Julie's mom all stayed at the house while everyone else was at a hotel, which made things much easier.  We had a great time at the BBQ with our families.  Josh's Grandma was out taking pictures and then I realized that I should take some too!  I tend to forget about those things when lots of people are around.

Here is Jaxson having "Watermelon Soup."  He was pretty entertained and would only smile and not look at the camera.  We sure miss this kid and all his personality!

In the corner is Julie's mom with Kenna.  Then there is my aunt Valerie and Grandma.  They at least look like they are having a good time.

My Man working the grill...He did a great job!

Here is Josh's Grandma, Mom and Grandpa.  These are Jill's parents.  We were so very happy they were able to come!

And the graduating boys with their Dad's.

After we ate, we all played cornhole.  We sure love this game!  Josh & Vince

Jill in action and me:


It was so great to have everyone together and get to know the Nebeker's family.  They are some great people.  Of course we didn't iron Josh's gown and didn't even think about it til the night before.  I absolutely HATE ironing and was soooo thankful when Julie's mom ironed Josh' gown.  Thank you so much Ann!

Graduation Day: May 18th

It was such a big day.  I'm so proud of all the hard work that Josh put into school.  I know it wasn't easy but he never really seemed to complain.  He's such a hard worker and I'm so proud of this great accomplishment of his!  I know for sure that there is no way that I could have done.  I'm so proud of him and all the other guys that graduated with him.

They had graduation in the PlayHouse Square Theater.  I had never been there before and was shocked when I came into the building.  It was a beautiful place!

Before graduation started, they have a small group playing some beautiful music in one of the balconies.  I just thought that was a great idea.

Here is Josh's Grandpa walking to his spot.  Because he is a dentist, he was able to have the special honor of "hooding" Josh.

The president of the school giving his address.

We had to wait til the very end for Josh to finally walk across the stage.  With our last name starting with a W, he only had one person behind him.  But they finally called his name and we were so excited.  Here he is getting his fake diploma!

This is what they call the hooding.  Basically, all it is is when they put on the hood (or sash thingy) on the graduate.  I guess it is what makes them officially a doctor.

Here is Josh and I after the graduation.

And the whole crew that was there to support Josh.  We are so lucky to have such an amazing family!  From left to right it is Vince, Grandpa Hammer, my Mom, Grandma Hammer, Aunt Valerie, Jill, my Grandma, me, Josh, my dad.

Grandpa Hammer and Josh wearing those silly gowns :)

Josh and his very proud parents, Vince and Jill.

The Man of the Hour:

Keith and buds all through school and then roommates :)

We tried to get a picture of us and the Nebeker's.  Unfortunately, this is the best that I got on my camera.  Julie, Jaxson, Kenna, Keith, Josh and I.

After graduation, they had a nice little reception at the school.  The food was pretty good too.  Once we got there, the camera pretty much stayed put but here are the few pictures I took.

Josh with my Dad:

This is inside the amazing school building.

And the outside of the school.

It was a crazy but fun weekend.  I'm so thankful for all the family and friends that came out to support us and who have always been there for us when we needed them.  Congratulations to Josh, I'm so proud of you!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Cleveland Boat Cruise & School BBQ

OCPM did a "class outing" the week before graduation.  They paid for all the students to go on a boat cruise.  They were all able to invite one guest, which we had to pay for.  It was well worth it though.  We were able to check off another item on our list of things to do in Cleveland.  I pretty much hate all the pictures.  I jut brought our point and shoot camera and I'm just not thrilled plus I don't think any of the pictures are flattering....anyways, it is something that I want to remember so here they are...

They had a nice dinner to start out the cruise.  It was a buffet style with some great food...I don't remember exactly what they had though.  Here we are with James, Tara, Julie and Keith just waiting for the boat to leave the dock.

It was actually a REALLY nice night.  The weather was perfect.  Not too hot and not too cold.  Here is the sun setting on Lake Erie.

Josh & I with the city of Cleveland in the background.

The city of Cleveland....doesn't look to bad this far away ;)

Tara & James with the Browns' stadium in the background...We are lucky to have had them move with us.

And here is Josh, myself, Julie and Keith

We had a great night out just hanging out with our Ohio family.  We even had a show by the other students who may have had a little too much to drink.  It was fun though and another great time to spend with our friends before we all went our separate ways.

During the week leading up to graduation, there was also a BBQ at the school for everyone.  It was during the day, so I took my lunch from work and headed up there for a few minutes.  I only have this one picture of all the guys though.  They had just gotten their caps and gowns. 

Back row: Steve, David, Josh and Shane
Front Row: Trevor, Jack, Keith, Brady, Mark, and James

We sure miss all these guys and their families and hope they are all doing well in residency.  This pretty much leads up to the big day....graduation.

Cedar Point

Well, I was hoping to be able to get more caught up on this blog this week but I have been working a lot of overtime this week trying to get caught up from being out last week due to no power.  After working my long days, sitting in from of the computer even longer never seemed like much fun.  I did already have these pictures uploaded and ready to go though.  So here's a quick short post.

One of the things on our list that we wanted to do before we left Cleveland was to go to Cedar Point again.  We went last fall on one of their Hallo-weekends.  It wasn't that great.  The rides were amazing but we were they for twelve hours and only rode six rides.  We were anxious to go again and enjoy it a little more.

We went during the week when they first opened and kids were still in school.  It was soo much better.  We were able to ride everything we wanted and some rides we rode multiple times.

Awwwww...the first sight of this wonderland.  The highest ride here is called The Dragster.  It goes from 0 to 120mph in four seconds and 400ft straight up and straight down.  It's a THRILL.  I love it.  Only bad thing is that it only lasts about 20 seconds.

My handsome man...

Julie and Keith...We had a blast with these guys.

This one was my downfall.  Keith sat this one out and I wish I would have.  All it is is a big swing but I get sick on swings...It was just not a good idea.  We rode this one kinda early in the day and I was not feeling good for most of the rest of the day.

Here we are just getting off The Dragster.

This is the coaster that you stand up in.  I'm not a big fan of it because my head hits the harness but I did ride it a few times.  Here is Josh, Keith and Julie in the very front.

We had a blast and I'm so glad that we were able to go again and enjoy it much much more.  I can't wait to go back there some time.  I definitely feel much older though. I can't ride the coasters like I used to be able to but its still way fun.  Thanks Keith and Julie for going with us again!

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Burning

Wow!  I can't believe it's already July and mid-July at that!  I was just looking oat my calendar and it was still on May!  These last few months have just flown by for us.  I honestly don't know where the time has gone.  We have had quite a few adventures lately.  We are now in New Jersey and loving it.  We recently got a welcome from Mother Nature which caused our power to be out for a whole week.  We just got our Internet back today.  All of that is for another time though.

We are going to go back about two months ago when our lives seemed somewhat "normal."  Before graduation, moving, etc, Josh and I had a list of things we wanted to do.  We didn't get to do all of them but we were able to cross off a few more items.  We wanted to go camping with our fellow classmates and friends.  We got rained out the weekend we had it planned then every one's schedules just got too busy.  We opted for a BBQ one Saturday night at the John Johnson Farm.  The class above us did this same thing (but they did camp over night) and we totally stole their idea but I hope that this because a tradition at OCPM because we had a BLAST! 

We roasted hot dogs, tin foil dinners, whatever you wanted.  Each family was in charge of their own food.  Here is Shane, Jack?, Steve and Trevor:

Here is little Brady.  I just love his face in this picture.

And Brady's little brother, Griffin.  He's such a cutie!  We miss this family tons!

Annie, they moved with us to New Jersey so we still get to see this fun girl.

Holly and Steve.  They were our neighbors for two years when we shared a duplex with them:

Here is Josh...We (or actually Josh) made cobbler for everyone.  It was YUMMY!

And what's a bonfire without S'Mores??
Laura, Brogan & Bernice

Jaxson, who we lived with for the last year.  We sure miss him!

And Jaxson's sister, Kennadie.  She wasn't so sure about the S'More after she took the first bite.  We miss these two kids!

We really do miss both Jaxson and Kennadie but we are fortunate to have Braden and Gene here with us in New Jersey.  They sure keep things interesting :)

After we all ate, the real fun began....

The 4 years worth of notes began to burn...
The fire got bigger...

Here are all the guys that were in Josh's class that were able to make it.  We missed those who weren't able to come, especially Brady and Julie!

From left to right: Josh, James, Troy, Jack, keith, Randy, Steve, David, Shane, Doug and Trevor

Then the coats began to burn...They received these white coats at the beginning of their first year of school.  Now that they are officially doctors, they will wear long white coats instead of these short ones.  After 4 years of school and training, who knows what all was on these coats.  They all quickly into to flames.

I love all their faces in this one.  They all look so excited and are just having a blast.

Lots of notes were burned that night and we still didn't even burn everything.  We would have been there all night to burn everything.

And here are the wives.  Tara, Me, Julie N, Karie, Melissa, Bernice, Mattie, Holly, Blaine and Laura

It was such a fun night spent with some great friends who became our family while we were in Ohio.  These are people we will never forget.