Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010

Josh and I were able to have a great Christmas this year with his side of the family.  We drove out to Idaho to save on a little money since we are going back in a few weeks for Taylor's wedding.  On the way out there, we stopped at my sister, Christine's.  She lives pretty much half way between Cleveland and Ohio.  It was so nice to have somewhere to stop and stretch our legs.  Plus she made a very tasty dinner and a great breakfast at like 6:30 in the morning!  Thanks Christine!  It was fun to spend some time with my niece and nephew too.  I got to have them all to myself for a couple hours before we went to bed.  Then they even slept in our room on the hard floor!  They are such cute kids and I can't wait to see them in a few days! 

On the drive out to Idaho, I realized that our camera broke!  I was so sad.  There were sooo many beautiful scenes I wanted to take pictures of as we drove across the country.  Plus no pictures the whole trip :(  Bummer!  I am hoping to get it working before I head out to Oklahoma tomorrow, but I doubt that will happen.  All this fun and exciting stuff, but no pictures to prove it!

We had a great time in Idaho once we got there (after the long 26 hour drive).  We were very fortunate that we didn't hit any bad weather and Josh only got pulled over once for speeding, but no ticket!  We were very blessed.  We were able to meet Becca, Taylor's soon to be wife!  We loved getting to know her and are so happy for Taylor and Becca!  Right before we left to come out to Idaho, Josh's mom broke her leg!  We felt so bad for her; she was in a lot of pain the whole time.  When we got there, we helped finish up the basement.  We mainly painted.  It was actually pretty fun.  We did that most of Monday when we were there.  Tuesday must have just been a relaxing day for us, cause I don't remember what we did.  On Wednesday, all the girls went to lunch then a bead shop and made some necklaces.  It was fun and good to get out with just the girls.  As I kept breaking all the little things, I found out that jewelry making may not be for me.  My necklace did turn out very pretty though!  Next time, I may just have to have Paige do it for me though :)  She's awesome at it!  Thursday we had family pictures.  I can't wait to see them!  I love getting family pictures and I loved the places we took them in Idaho Falls. 

On Christmas Eve, Josh's family friends came over for games.  It was a lot of fun.  I forgot how much fun it is to play games with a big group of people.  That night, grandparents and a few aunts, uncles and cousins came over for dinner and acted out the Nativity Scene.  It was really nice to see everyone.  Christmas morning, we woke up at about 7:30 and opened presents.  We got some great things like a new office chair!  Chase made me an AWESOME OSU ribbon board; I totally LOVE it!  Josh got some dress pants and I got two cute purses and a few other things.  I got to talk to my brother, Logan, who is still serving a mission in Ogden.  He comes home one the 3rd of January.  I can't wait to see him!  It was a great Christmas!

We headed back on the 26th!  It was a LONG drive.  It seemed much longer than it did getting out there.  We decided we wanted to get home quicker, so we drove farther the first day and didn't end up staying at Christine's.  We did split a hotel with a friend of ours that we met up with (he was driving back from Idaho too). 

We had a great time getting to know our neices, Rylee and Reese.  We feel so bad that we don't get to see them often and that they hardly know us.  But it was fun playing with them and getting to know them.  They are such cute girls!
Thank you Wray family for the great Christmas!  We can't wait to be back for the wedding in a few weeks!  Love you guys!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let It Snow?

Cleveland is having a HUGE snow storm right now.  It has been crazy!.  My normal 35-40 min commute has taken me over an hour.  It started snowing Sunday night and hasn't stopped.  Per the weather service, it was suppose to stop last night at 7pm, then this morning at 4am and then this evening at 8pm and now its suppose to stop at 10pm.  I don't think it's ever gonna stop.  Today we got hit the hardest in the area that I work.  By the time I left work, I easily had a foot of snow covering my whole car and it was still coming down pretty hard.  I wish I would have had my camera to take pictures.  It looked something like this, but with more snow:
My drive home wasn't too bad but I wouldn't like to do it again...

I just couldn't believe how hard it was still coming down.  The craziest thing is that when I got home, there were only a couple of inches on the ground where I live and some of it was from days before!  I wasn't ready for winter, but winter didn't really seem to care.  I just hope that things clear up for when we drive to Idaho! 

Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's a Girl to Do?

What's a girl to do while her husband is away studying and her best friend is out of town for the month? that's a very interesting question.  I have done LOTS of shopping lately.  It's been fun...and expensive.  I love shopping during the Christmas season, getting good deals and just being out and about with the other holiday shoppers.  I have the tendency to buy a lot of extra stuff during this season; I have a hard time telling myself "no" when it's a REALLY good deal.  This has made me come home and realize that I shoudn't have bought something and then taking it back, which is a good thing.  But then when I take it back, I tend to look around the store some more and just buy other things :)  I have already taken stuff back to Target twice this last week!  Oh how I LOVE Target...Just rambling now...Anyways, this last week I have kept myself very busy.  I have finished all of our Christmas shopping!  I have finished a few projects too!  I made me niece, who LOVES horses, a really cute blaket (I should have taken a picture before I wrapped it)  I also made a few other gifts for Christmas presents too.  I have wrapped all of our gifts and put them under the tree.  But all my Christmas shopping and projects are done, now what am I suppose to do?  I still have 2 more weeks of tests!  Well....I can BLOG!  or maybe I"m just rambling.  I did take a few pictures around the house to post!  I love Christmas!  Here is a little bit of what Christmas looks like at the Wray home.  (No judging on the pictures...we are still having major computer problems and I didn't really want to deal with editing them)

When we got married, we decided that we wanted to hang our stocking from snow globes.  I LOVE our snow globes...can you guess who's is who's?

I made this for an Enrichment project.  I love it :)

Our PITIFUL Christmas tree, but it was free...

I love the traditional colors of Christmas!

I love Yankee Candles..and this one smells sooooo good.

Yay!  I finally changed my towel!  I love all of them!

Fall is offically gone for us here in Cleveland...Forecast calls for snow, snow and more snow...This is just the beginning
Merry Christmas Everyone!