Monday, July 9, 2012

The Burning

Wow!  I can't believe it's already July and mid-July at that!  I was just looking oat my calendar and it was still on May!  These last few months have just flown by for us.  I honestly don't know where the time has gone.  We have had quite a few adventures lately.  We are now in New Jersey and loving it.  We recently got a welcome from Mother Nature which caused our power to be out for a whole week.  We just got our Internet back today.  All of that is for another time though.

We are going to go back about two months ago when our lives seemed somewhat "normal."  Before graduation, moving, etc, Josh and I had a list of things we wanted to do.  We didn't get to do all of them but we were able to cross off a few more items.  We wanted to go camping with our fellow classmates and friends.  We got rained out the weekend we had it planned then every one's schedules just got too busy.  We opted for a BBQ one Saturday night at the John Johnson Farm.  The class above us did this same thing (but they did camp over night) and we totally stole their idea but I hope that this because a tradition at OCPM because we had a BLAST! 

We roasted hot dogs, tin foil dinners, whatever you wanted.  Each family was in charge of their own food.  Here is Shane, Jack?, Steve and Trevor:

Here is little Brady.  I just love his face in this picture.

And Brady's little brother, Griffin.  He's such a cutie!  We miss this family tons!

Annie, they moved with us to New Jersey so we still get to see this fun girl.

Holly and Steve.  They were our neighbors for two years when we shared a duplex with them:

Here is Josh...We (or actually Josh) made cobbler for everyone.  It was YUMMY!

And what's a bonfire without S'Mores??
Laura, Brogan & Bernice

Jaxson, who we lived with for the last year.  We sure miss him!

And Jaxson's sister, Kennadie.  She wasn't so sure about the S'More after she took the first bite.  We miss these two kids!

We really do miss both Jaxson and Kennadie but we are fortunate to have Braden and Gene here with us in New Jersey.  They sure keep things interesting :)

After we all ate, the real fun began....

The 4 years worth of notes began to burn...
The fire got bigger...

Here are all the guys that were in Josh's class that were able to make it.  We missed those who weren't able to come, especially Brady and Julie!

From left to right: Josh, James, Troy, Jack, keith, Randy, Steve, David, Shane, Doug and Trevor

Then the coats began to burn...They received these white coats at the beginning of their first year of school.  Now that they are officially doctors, they will wear long white coats instead of these short ones.  After 4 years of school and training, who knows what all was on these coats.  They all quickly into to flames.

I love all their faces in this one.  They all look so excited and are just having a blast.

Lots of notes were burned that night and we still didn't even burn everything.  We would have been there all night to burn everything.

And here are the wives.  Tara, Me, Julie N, Karie, Melissa, Bernice, Mattie, Holly, Blaine and Laura

It was such a fun night spent with some great friends who became our family while we were in Ohio.  These are people we will never forget. 


  1. I hope no one needs those notes in the future! lol.....looks like a fun, but bittersweet event. You'll look back on those 4 years more and more fondly as time passes. So proud of you and Josh.

  2. Ha ha!! Love it!! Yes, it's officially a tradition, I know the class under us is totally planning a "Coats and Notes Ceremony"! I'm totally missing my Ohio family, but we do love Texas. Why couldn't y'all just come here with us?!?

  3. Ha ha, Love it! It's officially a tradition, I know the class under us is planning a "Coats and Notes Ceremony". I'm totally missing my Ohio family, but we love Texas. Why couldn't y'all just come here with us?!? :)