Sunday, May 6, 2012


I have found some great news this last week.  My company is going to let me work from home when we move to New Jersey!  This is such an amazing opportunity.  I'm so excited and grateful.  It's amazing how everything fell into place for this to happen.  You can definitely see that Heavenly Father had a hand in this. 

I had already given my two week notice and a few days later, things were set for it to happen.  It is all thanks to some tremendous "coinsidences."  First the COO of the company, just called my boss to just see how she was doing.  A day or two later, it was announced that our department will report to a differnt VP.  That VP got the ball rolling on the same day that the COO and Head IT person just happened to be in town (they both work out of state).  It's amazing to see all the blessings we receive.  I'm thrilled!


  1. What a wonderful blessing!

  2. What a relief, no job hunting for you, and taking your breaks on the couch and having lunch in your own kitchen. Not to mention wearing your most comfy PJs all day! I'm happy for you!