Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Big 2-5

A few weeks ago, I turned the big 2-5.  I actually feel really old now too.  Since my birthday, I have pulled out like 10-15 gray hairs!  Other than feeling old, I had a great birthday.  First off, I took the whole day off work.  That in itself made it a GREAT day.  I got to sleep in and lounge around in the morning.  Then Josh and I headed out to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch.  I've always wanted to go there for some reason.  The food wasn't great and I'm not sure that I'd go back but we still had a good time.

After lunch, Josh and I did a little shopping and then went to a movie.  It was great to spend the whole day with Josh.  I used to go out on my birthday with just my mom.  Those are some of my fondest memories and I always looked forward to it.  It made me miss my mom for sure!

After the movie, we headed home for dinner and dessert.  It was YUM-O.  Thanks, Julie :)

It was a GREAT birthday!  I can't believe I'm 25 though!

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  1. My baby girl cannot really be 25, right? I'll cherish our birthday dates forever, too. One day, we'll do it again though! I'm glad you have a good husband who enjoys spending the day with his sweetie. Love you!