Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We are headed to,,,

Yep, we are headed to New Jersey!  I know that most people who are reading this already know...but we plan on turning the blog into a book, so this must be documented :)  We were both pretty shocked and even more shocked when we found out that our friends, the Huish's, were going to the same program.

We didn't find out that we were going to New Jersey how we thought we would.  The match was set for April 5 at 11am.  At that time, we could log into Josh's account and see where we were going.  This is how we thought we'd find out and then would have the rest of the day to plan and get excited about wherever we were going.  But a few days before the match we were able to find out.  It was about half passed midnight.  I was asleep.  Josh had just gotten home from playing basketball.  I heard him come in because he was talking on the phone.  Then I heard that we could find out the results of the match.  I jumped up and we went to the computer.  Josh logged in and then had to do a few hacking techniques (just had to manually change the url) and there we had it...We were going to New Jersey.  We told the Nebekers and they came up and looked to see where they were going.  Detroit!  We spent the next hour calling friends and telling them to look.  Josh feel asleep and I just laid there wide awake.  I was up til about 4am!  Needless to say, I was exhausted the next day at work.

Josh wasn't too thrilled about going to New Jersey but only because he really wanted to stay here in Cleveland.  Me?  I'm totally excited.  We will 2.5 hours away from NYC, 3 hours from DC and an hour from Philadelphia.  It will be a great place to live for a few years.  Congrats to Josh for all his hard work in getting us to this point!  We can't wait for this next little adventure.


  1. Congrats Dina & Jos! Good luck on your new exciting adventure.

  2. Too far away, but what an adventure. I've never been there, so you can expect a visit! :)