Monday, July 21, 2008

Our Weekend!

Oh boy...did we ever have one of the GREATEST weekends EVER! It went by way too fast though and I am pretty exhausted from it all, but it was really fun. On Friday, I went to Cassie's bridal shower (a friend from college that is getting married on August 2 in the San Diego Temple). It was really fun. I lost at the paper clip game (I kept crossing my darn legs!) but totally won in the purse game (I have everything you can imagine in my purse)! It was pretty fun! Congrats to you and Nick!

On Saturday, we had my family out for a barbecue and swim party. (Our landlords live right down the down and have an awesome house and were kind enough to let us come down for the day!) We were celebrating Josh's Birthday! (Happy Birthday Sweetie! I love you tons!) We were also celebrating my college graduation!!!!!! I have to go to my class today to present, but then I am DONE!!!! Then it was also kind of a good bye/moving away party. It was the last time some of my family members will see Josh before he leaves! (Oh we are going to Cleveland by the way!) Here are some pictures from the party:
Logan and my Dad:
My Mom holding Matthew:
(Mom didn't swim but was very happy to get to hold him)
Nathan on the board
Josh with Brayden and Nola
Nathan on the board
Nichole finishing her dive!
Brayden (I think he really enjoyed the water)
Mom doing her thing
Matthew doing his:
Logan trying to see how far out he could jump

Nathan again

Josh-looks like he was going to belly flop,
but I am pretty sure he didn't on this one

Jason, a friend of ours

Nola, Dad and Brayden

Not sure who

Dad and Josh talking



Mom, David and Matthew:

Dad jumping off the board after much begging!

Nathan again:

Dad, he ended up having a pretty good time on the diving board:


Nichole and Matthew:

We really had a great time. After swimming, Josh and I got all cleaned up then went to Buffalo Wild Wings for Karaoke night with some friends. It was pretty fun! Josh did a good job. I didn't sing though, I don't want to have to make all those people go through so much pain. It was really fun to listen to everyone though!

On Sunday, we went to church. In our primary class, I had everyone take a picture with us. We have one more week with them, but are going to miss them all terribly. it was hard to teach them at first, but we really learned to love all of them! It will be very hard to say good bye next week.

After church we went to dinner at my mom's and just enjoyed the rest of the weekend. Today, I am exhausted though! I just want to go back to sleep. I am going to my very LAST class EVER in a few hours! I am way excited to get this over with! I think I am going to go see the new Batman movie tonight too, so I am really excited! It was another fun, crazy weekend in our home, what was yours like?


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Love all the pool shots! What a cute primary class, I'm sure they love you guys as teachers. Good luck with your last week in OK and the big move! Can't wait to see how everything looks when you're settled!

  2. Fun party- nice pool! Thats so cool that you are moving to Cleveland! We should all meet somewhere sometime!

  3. Oh, just look at those sweet little primary faces!!! I miss Stillwater! I'm so excited for you and all the fun things coming up in your life, what an adventure. Oh, and yeeHAW for graduating Dina!

  4. Congrats on getting into to school in Cleveland, Brittany and I live here in Cleveland so if you need any help getting settled in or help unpacking a truck let us know.
    -Pete Mecham (