Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simple Things/Happy Birthday

It's JULY!!!! I can't believe it! Partly because the last two days the highs have only been in the mid 60s!!!! Yeah, I know....this is TOTALLY not the type of summer that I know! I can wear jeans still and not feel like I am dying! I am enjoying it a little, but then once I start thinking about it, it makes me a little sad. This is like March weather to me and I know that winter is just going to come too fast! Yikes!

Being the first day of July, it was my first day in the new office for me at work! It was a pretty crazy day! I was way busy at work ALL day. One simple thing made my day today though. I got a little text from my WONDERFUL hubby and this is all that it said "We are getting a Sonic in Parma." Yeah, I know, it's GREAT news! We haven't been to Sonic in Ohio at all. The closest one right now is about 45 minutes away and now we will have one just down the road!!! I am WAAAAYY excited! Probably a little too excited even.

Josh and I also wanted to wish his mom, Jill, a VERY happy birthday...tomorrow! Jill is an AMAZING person! She has done so much for both of us and we love her so much! She truly is the best mother in law one could ask for! Thanks for everything. We love you! Happy Birthday!


  1. Congrats on the new position!!! Yea D!

  2. It's the simple things in life..... Sonic is my favorite, too. :)

  3. Serious? There's going to be a Sonic in Parma? I LOVE Sonic. I have been dying to get back to Utah for Sonic happy hour...yummy strawberry limade. Wow, that made my day! :o) I feel bad I haven't seen you in FOREVER! Hope you guys enjoy the break!!

  4. Thanks for the happy birthday! You are a sweetheart! I have been playing nurse and haven't been on blogs for a few weeks. Congratulations on the new position at work! Love ya!