Thursday, September 4, 2008


Drumroll please....I just got my very FIRST tag. I am super excited!

1. link the person who tagged you
2. post the rules
3. tell 6 unspectacular quirks of yours
4. tag 6 fellow bloggers by linking them

Ok so here are my six unspectacular quicks:

1.)When I go to sleep I HAVE to have a fan blowing, the lights COMPLETELY out and my alarm clock covered (those things are WAY too bright to let me sleep). Basically, everything has to be completely perfect before I can fall asleep.

2.)All of my DVDs are in alphabetical order and it drives me nuts when someone moves thema around. I also have TWO lists of all my DVDs, so I can always tell you if I am missing a DVD and which one it is. I also know exaactly how many I have off the top of my head (148 if anyone wanted to know).

3.) I HATE it when people leave the cupboards/drawers open either in the kitchen or the bathroom. I seriuously want to SCREAM when they are left that way. I mean seriously, if you can open it, you can certainly close it! Logan used to go into my mom's kitchen and open every single one and I would get furious!

4.) I can't have my arms or legs constrained. If anyone tries to hold them down, I start breathing really hard and then soon feel like I can't breathe at all.

5.)I can't stand it when people leave the shower curtain open. First of all, it leads to your liner getting REALLY dirty REALLY fast and second, it just doesn't look nearly as nice or clean.

6.)I hate wearing socks; yet, I cna't wear ANY closed-toed shoes without them....ok, this probably doesn't make any sense. The only time that I wear socks is when I have closed-toed shoes on and I HAVE to wear them with all shoes that cover my toes. But then once those shoes come off, the socks definitely have to come off too.

Ok, so there you have it! Hopefully, you all know a little bit about my "dark side." Now, I would like to tag:
Holly Schaeffer, Shawnee/James, Jamie, Julie, Cassie Harrison, and Crystal Foy! Have fun!


  1. haha- jays the same way with his dvds- he has close to 400 though, so its getting harder to keep track of them. I can sympathize with your hate of socks- if I could wear sandals year round, I would!

  2. Now THAT was hilarious! I didn't realize how OCD you were! kidding!!!

    Brandon has the same sock issue as you...I have never understood it. I myself like to laze around in the sockies... :)

    Thanks for sharing about you! That was so fun to get to know you better!

  3. Too funny, I am SO the same way with my sleeping routine! I have to have a fan, my own pillow and blanket. It's so bad that I bring all 3 items any time we travel! Thanks for sharing your quirks!

  4. yeah, it sounds like you're a bit obsessive compulsive... but you can touch doorknobs without a tissue right? :)

    I guess Josh got used to the fan, doesn't mix up the DVDs,and knows to close everything. That's part of the fun part of newlywed life- adjusting to your spouse's quirks. It's fun to hear others quirks- thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm so with you on the shower curtain and people leaving the cupboards/drawers open. Drives me nuts. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Oh wow, I am behind! I didn't realize you tagged me! I will have to get on that :) These things are so funny- you have some cute quirks that I think I have too, haha