Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Things!

Ok, so I am totally tired of looking at my last post and remember that really horrible day every time I log on and look at my blog. So here are some happy/good things that have happened:

1.) My sister, Karri, is engaged and seems REALLY happy! I am totally excited for her!

2.) Both my sister, Christine, and my mom FINALLY started their blogging! Yeah! I have more blogs to read now while I am bored at work!!!

3.) Josh and I got a coupon for a FREE pizza and I totally enjoyed not cooking and eating pizza last night!

4.) Earlier this week, it was my sister-in-law's, Paige's, birthday! I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you! (Sorry I didn't post earlier) But we both love you tons! and can't wait to see you at Christmas!

5.) I started reading the Twilight books! I totally LOVE them and can't put them down. I am already half way through the second one and I just started last Thursday! This is great news for me, but probably not for Josh...I think he thinks I have deserted him. But at least he has had PLENTY of time to study for his tests next week!

6.) Drug reps come to my work occasionally and bring everyone lunch while they talk to the doctors...Yesterday we had Olive Garden!!!! It was WAY good! And we never have two in one week, but I get another one tomorrow and one on Friday!!!

7.) We order a game called, Quelf, and have already gotten it and played it with some friends! It was way fun. I will have to post pictures later.

OK, so that's about all I can think of right now....But things have definitely been better since my last post :)


  1. I'm glad this week is so much better than last for you. business...Midnight Sun is the same as the first book in the Twilight series...only from Edwards perspective. It has not come out yet. Stephenie Meyer is currently putting her writing on hold because someone leaked what she had completed onto the web. She has had the 1st chapter on her website for a while now. I have read that and think the rest is going to be REALLY good. She also has posted the stuff that had been leaked on her website too. She would rather that her readers NOT read it but bc it's already out there she felt that if they are going to read it they should read it from her website. I am going to honor her request and wait until it comes out officially. Okay...clear?

  2. Seriously so glad things are better! It always helps to look on the bright side of things! :)

    Loved your cute list!

  3. So glad that you're doing better! My dad is a drug rep and I loved it when he did lunches because he would bring us home all the leftovers! So are you guys going to be in Shelley for Christmas? I hope so!

  4. so happy that things are looking up!

  5. sounds good. and carrie is engaged...that is totally RAD...are they gonna do a blog? i'd love to keep up with her life too!

  6. Wow - back up! Karri is engaged?! I feel so left out... I had to find out on her sister's blog. I just might have to call her. And must check out Christine and your Mom's blogs - I've been waiting for your mom to start hers. I LOVE the Twilight books too - and Carlin says he will read them after this semester since I got into them so much. I would compare him to Edward and now he wants to read it. :)

  7. Twilight is addicting, I admit. And I don't even really enjoy fiction! :) I read them all in about a 2 week span. They're great. I'm glad that everything is happy for you! Congrats to Karri. :)

  8. Loved your posts!! I was reluctant to read the Twilight bookds. But once I did, woah!!! You and your husband are so cute! I can't believe you are old enough to be married!!
    Sarah Beam

  9. So....time for a new post?? I haven't heard from you at all lately. Hope things are sitll as happy as they were almost 2 weeks ago! :)