Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Long Time, No Post!

Ok, I know I have been COMPLETELY lacking! But I do have a good excuse: there has been NOTHING new or exciting that has been going on. We have been pretty much up to the same things over and over again. I have actually been waiting to post so that I could put pictures up, but we "lost" the camera for a while and since we found, Josh has had the computer studying at nights when I am home by myself. I am not posting at work and I can't upload pictures here. I know, it's just one excuse after another!

I guess I should admit this also. Another reason why I haven't posted is because I have been reading the Twilight books! I LOVED them! I can't believe that I wouldn't read them at first. I really couldn't put them down! I finished all the books in probably 3-4 weeks. The fourth one was hard for me to finish for some reason, probably that i didn't want it to end! ;( The first one was by far my favorite and the second my least favorite. I have now started reading the "Chronicles of Narnia." (I know, I am WAY behind on reading good books!) Anyone have any other suggestions for me to read?

Josh and I are still loving it here in Ohio. It is BEAUTIFUL in the fall. The trees are all different colors and I can't stop looking at them as I drive down the road. It also helps to know that I get to go home for a weekend in a month! (Karri's wedding!) Unfortunately, I am still working full time and can only go for the weekend, but it is better than nothing! I could rabble on some more, but I think I might stop!


  1. Always fun to hear from you...even if you are one big bundle of excuses. :) jk!!!

  2. Hey, same old same old is the story of our lives! Glad you guys are doing good and enjoying Ohio! How exciting that your sister is getting married, that must have been a fast dating/engagement period because at your wedding I remember she said she wasn't dating anyone! Anyways, glad to know your still alive :) Keep the updates coming!

  3. Hey, I love reading the twilight series. I'm on book one and already hooked. the author is unbelievable in the way she describes details. Can't wait to see the movie. see ya at the wedding.
    Sister Hillock

  4. i need to read the fourth one. i still haven't been able to get my hands on it.

    so happy you get to go home soon. it's always fun to have something like that to look forward to.

  5. i have never read the twilight series but the Inkhart series is way good. Its a trilogy really the last one just came out so I haven't read it yet But one and two are good.