Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Six, WHAT was I thinking???

Ok, so I have to write about a little correction for my last post...After writing, that night I was laying in bed and thought of a few more interviews that I had gone to. The totally is now up to NINE interviews!!!! Craziness, huh? The good thing though is out of alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll....those interviews, the one that I wanted most is actually the one that called me back on Friday!!!! So, I now have a job!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!! I am so excited and very much relieved. I actually start tomorrow! I am super excited, happy and very thankful! So, today is my last free day. So, what am I doing to celebrate....well, I am going to try and clean the house and get other stuff that done that I have been putting off. That's ok though, I am still super excited.

Oh and Happy Labor Day to everyone...yesterday! We have had an AWESOME weekend! We were able to go to a Cleveland Indians game for really cheap with the school. We had tons of fun with lots of our friends. On Saturday, went to a ward picnic type thing and got really hot but had fun. Later that night, we went to a friends' house, stayed up WAY to late but had the best night in a long time wiht friends! We went to bed at about 2AM! and then gave two wonderful talks in church at 9 in the morning! Now that was fun! Josh did an AWESOME job, as usual, on his talk and I would like to hope that I did decent. Church, overall, was REALLY good on Sunday! We had lunch at a friend's house and dinner at another's on Sunday, so we had lots more fun with no naps and no sleep...it was ALL very worth it though! On Monday, Josh studied a little bit with a few guys while the wives enjoyed each others company. Then we went to a BBQ held by a really nice family in the ward! We really just had a GREAT weekend, even without any sleep! We are so happy though that we were able to hang out with such amazing friends this weekend! Thanks to all of you! So, what did you guys do this weekend???

Oh and we need to tell Chase, Josh's brother, Congrats and good luck on your mission. He leaves for the MTC tomorrow! We are both super excited for him and very proud! Good job on getting this far Chase! We love you very much and can't wait to get all those emails from you!

ummmm....what else...Oh and you guys believe that it is already SEPTEMBER!! This is just craziness! My oh My how time flies when you are having fun...well, good luck to everyone this fall season as you go back to school, start a new job, or whatever you may be doing!


  1. You did an AWESOME job on your talk on Sunday and we all enjoyed it so much! You're a natural at public speaking! :o)

  2. HOORAY! A JOB!!! I am so happy for you!

    Glad you had a fun, busy weekend!Sounds like a blast... :)

    And yes, you did an AWESOME job on your talk--what I could hear. :)

    Jenna says hello. She keeps making me scroll to the top of the screen to see your picture. :)

  3. So what is your new job, do fill me in! Hooray that the job hunt is over, that is so the worst part! We missed you guys this weekend, but it sounds like you had a ton of fun! Seriously, you guys have not even been there a month and it sounds like you have loads of friends! I'm sure you did a great job speaking! Anyways, glad all is going well, enjoy your last day of unemployment :)

  4. D... congrats on the job!!!! Yeah!!! We need to see some pictures of you and josh and the game!! Hope all is well!

  5. Dina, congrats again on the new job! How did you like your first day? I always hate learning a new job but I'm sure you'll be great! I was wondering if you email the pics from the baseball game. My email is julz_8684@hotmail.com. Thanks!