Thursday, August 28, 2008

Six Down and How many to go?!?!?!?!?!

Yes, that is right I have now been to at least six interviews. Now to be completely honest, there may be even a few more that I have since forgotten about. But yes I have now been to SIX interviews and what have I gotten...NOTHING! Have I mentioned how much I hate job hunting? Seriously, why have I not gotten anything back? This whole thing is really starting to get to me. Now, four of the six have been this week and two of them maybe one of those liked me enough to hire me. Why can they not just tell me there? Why can't they just say "Dina, you're awesome and are now hired?" This is really getting frustrating....OK well I will stop complaining now. I just had to get that out of my system!

For this post I didn't want it to just be me complaining, so I did take pictures of our apartment to post so you can all see what it looks like...(Note there are no pictures of the kitchen and bedroom because it's REALLY dirty and frankly, I don't really care to clean them right now, but here are all the rest)
The Dining Room
In the dining room/kitchen, I am trying to go for bright summery colors! I have the bright colored dishes to go along with this and I LOVE it! (you can see the dishes on a previous post somewhere.) It still needs a little work but I am loving where it is now! Oh and did you see how SMALL our CLOSET "kitchen" is...once it is clean I will get better pictures of the kitchen, but until then, this is what you get :)
The Living Room/New Couch!
Ok, yeah I just realized that I never told you guys about our new couch! We LOVE it and ended up paying only about $350 to buy it and get it home! (Thanks Steve for helping Josh carry the couch into our apartment!!) For the living room we are still going with the whole black, white and red color scheme! The Living Room is still very much in progress, so is our "study/craft room" behind the couch! It is looking way better now that we have furniture though. Oh and the rest of the room is kind of messy, that is why you only really get to look at the couch ;)!

The Bathroom

And the last place we go on this little tour is the bathroom. Here are a few pictures of the decorations we have going on in the bathroom. As you can tell, the colors are a weird shade of blue and white! I love it! We have this little shelve in the bathroom because we really didn't have anywhere to put our decorations, towels, or even extra toilet paper. It makes it a little crowded in the bathroom, but you gotta do what you gotta do!
Hopefully one of these days you will all be able to have seen my entire apartment in person or maybe I will eventually have it all clean and can give you a tour by video. Until then...well, that might be too long, so I will say until next time...


  1. Dina, you are making it so homey there...good for you, you domestic diva you. i don't feel like cleaning my kitchen either...maybe i won't (lol).

  2. cute and cuter! I love the black white and red in the living room, it looks like the rest of your lamps turned out! Bummer about all the interviews, job hunting is the WORST! I'm sure something will pop up soon, because you are awesome and deserve an awesome job! Until then enjoy being a stay at home wifey!

  3. Don't worry Dina, you'll find a job soon:) Keep your head up! I know how hard it is! But just be positive! I'll pray for you. I love how you decorated your apt. It's so cute! You have good taste!

  4. DARN! I should wait so I can be the SIXTH commenter! I really wanted that spot!

    Hang in there! I will pass anything I see along. What a bummer!!