Friday, August 22, 2008

This one is for.....

Rachel Holloway....she made quite a good point on my last blog entry that said that I really needed to update my blog since it had been forever since I have written! So, here I am with pictures and all! But don't worry I am still being a slacker in other it is now 1:30pm and I still have yet to shower!

FIRST: On the Job Front...really there is NO news here! I am soo disappointed, I really thought that I would have one by now! The good news though is that I already have TWO job interviews next week. One on Monday and one on Tuesday! I REALLY hope that one of them works out. I am getting completely desperate here! And for any of you Ohio people, if you hear of anything send it my way!

SECOND: Something new that I learned this last week...Did you know that CARPET MELTS?!??!?! I had NO idea...obviously. Ok, so our kitchen is REALLY small and the best place for cookie sheets is in the oven. On Sunday I turned my oven on to make biscuits, forgot that the pans were in there. When I went to go tak them out (they were hot of course) I had no where to put them. All my counter space is full, the table was full of stuff and I was cooking on the stove. The only place that I thought they would be ok that I didn't have to work hard at was the floor in the "dining room!" So, I thought they would be totally fine there and never thought anything else of it. After dinner, I go to take a nap and Josh cleans up dinner (what a sweet heart, I know!). Soon after I had laid down, Josh comes in and says in a very polite way "Dina, you melted the carpet." I asked "How?" and he tells me. So, I walk out to the living room and find this: (now the pictures are kind of hard to see but see all the "glitter" that is where it is melted)

I still can't believe I did that! Oh and the carpet was BRAND new. It was laid just a few days before Josh got here. We really don't want to have to pay for new carpet when we move out. I think when they come to check us out that we should have a strategic box right there. Josh doesn't seem to think that this is completely honest, I am asking all of you "What should we do?"

THIRD: A girl in our ward had a girl's night last night! It was a lot fun and I was able to get to know a few other people. It was great! I brought cupcakes and had to show off my Christmas present from my mom...a cupcake carrier! Thanks MOM! It was very easy to use and very helpful!

FOURTH: I just wanted to put up a ton of pictures so, I took a picture of my lunch! Note that not only was this my lunch, but it was also my dinner last night and my dinner two nights ago. This is one of Josh's and mine favorite things to eat! Josh's mom, Jill, came to visit in Oklahoma and had made this for us and we have loved it ever since! We eat them quite often! The good thing about it is that not only are they REALLY good but they are so simple to make! All you do is spread BBQ sauce on pita bread, then top with onions, peppers, chicken, cheese and whatever else your heart desires! We love them! I encourage all of you to try them too, you will never go back!

FIFTH: Is this post getting too long? Oh well! Ok so yesterday I also went to go watch the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie with a Holly! I had just finished the last book of the series so I had to see the movie. I did like the movie a lot but in order to keep liking it, I can't compare it to the book. What movie is better than it's book??? Oh and I saw the new trailer for the next Happy Potter movie....AWESOME!!! That's all I can say. It looked really good. Hopefully I will be able to watch it with my sisters somehow, but we'll see....anyways, Sisterhood was a good movie, they did skip around quite a bit through the second and third book and they changed a lot of how things happened. Oh well, overall it was pretty good...(oh and I think I might start the Twilight books as my next reading project)

SIXTH: Well, This is one of my projects that I have been working on. It's really just one that I started and still haven't finished even though it really didn't take very long...So, my mom gave us some lamp before we left. we took them (they're free, why not?) but couldn't figure out what to do with them. We kept looking for other lampshades to use but could never find any that would fit and that would be the right colors; so, we made our own!...well, I actually just covered the old ones with new fabric! I have only done one so far, but I think it turned out pretty well. Here are the before and after pictures...Enjoy!

SEVENTH: J/k...I will let all of you go now and allow you to read someone else's blog who is probably more entertaining...but now I a feel a little better about being a slacker because I have done another post...Until next time....whenever that might be :)


  1. You are so cute Dina!I love how you tell stories and I really love the idea with the lamps, you're so creative! And lastly, it sounds like you are getting comfortable with Ohio pretty quickly, that's awesome!

  2. ye-haw! a post from you! And is it just me, or did you actually post seven points? That would be one point for each in, you could post almost every day. :)


    LOVE, LOVE the lamps! How creative are you!

    And no worries about the burn mark. There's gotta be something you can do to "freshen" it up a little.If not, I wonder if they can just cut a patch of carpet to replace it. I would assume yes--

    Am hanging in there for news on your job interviews...if I hear of anything, I will pass it along!

  3. i freakin' love the lamps dina, so crafty/frugal of you. i'm gonna remember that ...i have these lamps in my room that i just can't find any lampshade for. tell me how you did it, please o please!!!

  4. Love the lampshades, so cute and trendy! Bummer about the carpet, I think a box in that location come moving time is totally ok, although Andrew would probably think otherwise too! It sounds like your adjusting well and have met some fun people! I can't wait for Harry Potter! If you guys are going to be in Shelley for Christmas we'll have to go together! Thanks for your update, it wasn't boring at all!

  5. Ok so I LOVE those lamps. You'll have to show me how you did that cause it would match perfect with our room. Anyway, and by the way I had a great time going to the movie. We should do it again. Thanks for inviting me. I had a great time. We should do it again, but next time lets go somewhere where we'll get lots of icecream! haha! Well, better go, but hope I'll see you tonight. It would be no fun without you guys. We also let keith and Julie know so hopefully they'll come.

  6. Dina you are so funny! I love the post! The best part is that almost all of it is something I would do right down to melting the carpet. Who knew? And then Keith would probably think he married an idiot. And I would for sure cover it up. I also love the lamps and might have to copy you. Good luck with the job hunting stuff! Have a great day!

  7. Love the lamps. Alex and I are kind-of anal about black and white... we will ONLY buy things that are the black and white, or red. :) Anyway love it!