Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We are officially both in Parma, OHIO!! Well, we actually have been for a day or two now! I am really actually enjoying myself! We live close to EVERYTHING!! I no longer have to drive at least 25 minutes to get to a store! Let me tell you how nice this is! We are about 5 minutes from a smaller mall, Target, Wal-Mart, resturants, Best Buy and much much more! This is a GREAT location. I am soo not use to living in the city but I am LOVING it so far. For example, today I was puting together a bookshelve that we bought and I needed a hammer and could not find one at home, so I went to Target which was a 5 minute drive! It was really nice to be able to do that!

Ok, so what else are we doing? Josh is still in orientation stuff, so I am staying at home putting things away and I am suppose to be looking for a job. I am really loving not working, so it is really hard for me to be motivated to go out and look for a job. I am only motivated to go look whenever I look at the checkbook! In fact, I should be looking right now...but what am I doing...BLOGGING!! Anyone know a good place to find jobs?

In case my mom is reading...I do miss you! I know my mom is having a really hard time with members of the family and I know she had a hard time saying good bye to me. Mom, I love you and I just wish you could come move to Ohio too or at least try and visit frequently!

Like I said, we are really enjoying it here. Josh has made several friends that are mostly members of the church. I think there are about 16-17 members in his class, which is pretty exciting. The weather here is really nice too. The temperature highs are only in the lower 80s and we just came from Oklahoma where the highs are around 105!!! I guess I better go see what kind of jobs I can find on the internet!


  1. Yeah, you are up and runnin' again. I'm so glad you love the new place...that always helps when making a transition and lots of member friends? way cool. Well take some pics of the new place so we can all get a feel. oh, and don't forget to click pics of your outside surroundings too, i just love stuff like that. Have fun!!

  2. HOORAY! You're HERE! I had so much fun getting to know you a little better tonight. We are going to HAVE to get together this week in between job hunting! :)