Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry Josh...

This week is test week for Josh. He has been studying A LOT lately and I haven't been able to see him much especially since I started my job; but anyways, so Josh went to bed early (I think it was actually like 9 when he went to bed even though he was shooting for 7pm.) I stayed up later because I took a long Sunday nap and just wasn't ready to go to bed. So, I watch a movie and showered and stuff. While I was in the shower and rubbing shampoo all over my head, I hear this loud beeping noise. It continued to go off for a few seconds, so I thought I better go check on it before Josh wakes up. But as soon as I turn the water off (shampoo still in hair), Josh comes out of the bedroom mumblings and grumblings and hits the smoke detector of the ceiling. So, I guess what happened was that I was taking too hot of a shower and the steam from the shower made the smoke detector go off. How crazy is that? I felt really bad for waking up Josh, but I do think he was able to go right back to sleep. I just thought that it was too crazy not to share.

Ok, so I realized that I never really said what my job is. I am a secretary at Psychological and Behavioral Consultants...(try saying that every 30 seconds when answering a phone). I am kind of excited about it still. After all, it is a job. It pays pretty decent too. I just feel weird being a college grad and only being a receptionist. Also, it gets boring after a while. I just can't wait to be on my own and working in the office that I am suppose to be working in. They are training me in a different office (in Beechwood) and I will be working in North Olmstead. With this whole working thing...a small town girl has had to get used to traffic. I REALLY HATE traffic. Today it took me an hour to about 15 miles. Crazy, huh...back in Stillwater, Oklahoma we didn't have that kind of traffic. Oh well, I have already gotten used to it a little.

Yesterday I got to talk to my mom! Since I have been out here, I have really prided myself on not being homesick and crying. Yesterday though, the whole month's worth of not crying and being sad about it all caught up to me. As I was talking to my mom, all my siblings in Oklahoma were at my mom's enjoying my mom HOMEMADE cinnamon rolls that I LOVE! My nephew, Matthew, was there too and my mom said he is getting big ;(....I am soo sad that I can;t be there to hold him and play with him while eating my mom's cinnamon rolls. My mom also told me that right before I called they were all just talking and saying how weird it was that Josh and I weren't there and how much they missed us. I had a hard time last night, but I was able to keep myself under control and I only really cried in the shower. Oh how I miss my family...the sad thing is that I probably won't be able to see them at Christmas either (no money and won't be able to take off work that long). Oh well, I am sure I will survive. Ok well, i need to get upbeat again and Josh is studying again, so I am going to watch a chick flick!....One more thing, I got a calling on Sunday...I am SUPER excited, but I haven't been set apart yet, so you al have to wait til next week to find out what I will be doing!


  1. I'm excited to find out what it is on Sunday. Oh and that is way crazy that the smoke detector went off cause of your shower. That's just crazy!

  2. Oh my! The suspense is KILLING me!! :) I will be there front and center waiting to find out on Sunday!

    And WOAH on the shower steam! Impressive that your water gets so hot (or pathetic that your alarm went off...can't decide which). Hang in there with these test weeks! They're crazy, but the year really will fly!

    And hey, we don't leave for Christmas either...maybe we can do something together to celebrate--the big Christmas Eve stuff, etc and combine some fun traditions! Let me know...would be really fun!

  3. Love the shower story but I have say I'm glad it didn't happen at my house. Can you just imagine where Keith would take that one? He would be telling the whole world that he's so hot that he set the smoke dectector off!

  4. I've been in the shower and blown a breaker, which made us have to reset clocks and such. I haven't had the smoke detector go off though. Holidays are hard when family is not around, but it will give you and Josh a chance to be creative with your new traditions. You got a calling really fast, but that is great cause now you can get involved and meet tons of new people. Can't wait to know what it is!

  5. I know how it feels to be homesick. Whenever I talk to my mom, I always get a little teary. And I can't go back for Christmas either-- same reasons as you. Work, no money. It's hard, but it just makes those times that you DO see eachother better. :) (I know that doesn't help, but I keep telling myself that it does.)

    Keep your head up! Hope all is well.

  6. I think Andrew called Josh that night and woke him up too, so I hope he got a decent nights sleep! Weird about the fire alarm, in one of our apartments ours did the same thing, so annoying! Hate the homesickness, I've totally been in a big "I miss my mom and Montana and I want to move there" phase, so I feel you! Can't wait to hear what your new calling is!

  7. i can't believe your shower set off your smoke detector. you must take a really hot shower!

    congrats on the job! i think your commute will be better when you start going to north olmsted... i think. my sister lives in olmsted falls and no matter what time of day i go over there, there has never been traffic.

    i think we've all had days of being super homesick. friends make a huge difference. we'll be around through the holidays too. actually, david will most likely be at the hospital through the holidays, but ethan and i will be around. we'll all have to get together.