Friday, May 23, 2008

Definitely Blog Worthy

Two very different things happened yesterday that I thought were definitely blog worthy. The first is that Josh and his Parks & Rec. softball team won their first game of the season. They were all really happy! Here are a picture of them after their win:
Josh, he doesn't show much enthusiasm like the others:
Cody & Scott



Unfortunately, the guys lost their second game! Oh well, at least they have one win under their belt now!

As for the second thing that happened last night that was definitely blog worthy was this little incident that happened to me:

Ok, so after softball, Josh went straight to McAlester where he is taking the MCAT right this very minute! (way nervous!) So, this was my first night since we have been married to stay by myself. This was definitely not something I was looking forward to especially since there were lots of thunderstorms, but I figured I could handle it for one night. So, I get home pretty late and start to study. I get really tired and decide to just go ahead and go to bed. I finally fall asleep after much tossing and turning. At about 1:37 am, I am awakened by a sharp pain in my upper arm. At first I think it is just my muscle tightening, but the pain continues and is very painful. I jump up and take my shirt off and throw it on the ground. Only a few seconds later, a scorpion crawls out of my shirt! I realize that it had just stung me and begin to freak out tremendously! I began to cry from both the pain and the trauma! I had no idea what to do. I didn't want to call Josh and wake him for he really needed his sleep for the MCAT today! I look at my phone for the time and it is 1:39 am. I think to myself, who the heck is still up right now that I can call. I then call Logan and he answers within one ring! I was a little relieved when he answered. I asked him what I needed to do and he said he wasn't sure but that he was on his way home and would ask Mom when he got there. He was really sweet too! He asked me if I wanted him to come get me. As I was talking to him the scorpion disappeared! I didn't even get to kill it! And it was still in my bedroom somewhere! I thought I saw it go into my piles of dirty clothes on the floor. I know it is definitely laundry time!

Logan calls me back a little while longer. My mom was of course asleep, so he just asked my step dad, David, what I should do. He said just to put ice on it and I would be fine unless I was allergic to them. My thought was "how am I suppose to know if I am allergic to them?" So, I did carefully go out to the kitchen to get some ice. I was VERY careful, because a few years ago, my mom stepped on a scorpion and I didn't need pain in my foot too. So, I get some ice and take some Alieve. I then go back to my bed and search the bed to make sure there wasn't any more in my bed. Once I thought my bed was safe again, I sat on it for about an hour staring at my laundry piles and hoping that the scorpion would come out so I could kill. It never did come out, so I thought I should go to bed for I had a test this morning. Logan texted me a little while later to see if I was ok. (Isn't he so thoughtful?) After a very long time, I finally fell asleep with the closet light on it case I woke up again. I wanted to kill it if I saw it again.

My mom called this morning and told me that this is the time of year that they come out. She also told me to check my bed before I get in it every night. This all was very traumatizing. I have never been stung by a bee or wasp ever before! And then of course I get stung by a SCORPION the only night that Josh isn't home! I am felling better. My arm is still sore though. It isn't as painful though; it just feels like I got a shot today!

Oh here are some pictures of my arm from last night. All you can really see is how red it was. Is was pretty difficult to take the pictures too.

(Please excuse how fat my arm looks)

Oh, I also wanted to say that the whole time I was watching my laundry piles, I was thinking about putting this whole incident on my blog! Isn't it crazy how we do that? Anyways, have a great weekend everyone! Mine starts in only 2 hours and 15 minutes!


  1. Ouch! So scary, it always seems stuff like that happens when hubby's are gone! I totally know what you mean about something happenening and the only thing you can think of is how great it will be to post on your blog! I think I can say your officially blog addicted!

  2. Hearing about scorpions brings back memories. We had some growing up and they scared me to death. I never got stung by one, but I had one crawling up my leg. They're awful. We also had carpet the exact same color as scorpions, so I didn't like to walk around the house barefoot. Good luck- I wonder if a "bug bomb" (those sprays you use when you're out of the house) would work?
    Sorry this is long, but it also reminded me of the time when Alex was gone and I woke up to the sound of a mouse, trying to chew off the trap that was on its was 4:00am and I had to call a friend to come take care of the mouse. I didn't want it getting loose and I couldn't get up the courage to take care of it myself!