Sunday, January 18, 2009


A few weeks/months ago I wrote a post about it being cold. I now wish that I had that kind of cold instead of the cold that we have now! To say the very least, it has been EXTREMELY cold here. The high on Friday was only SIX degrees!!! YIKES! That was cold. Oh and the wind was blowing. It's gone way into the negatives at night too. (Being from Oklahoma, this is totally new to me!) The schools in the area were actually closed due to the cold. I thought it was funny that they closed for cold but not for a foot of snow!!! It has snowed just about every day this week....sometimes it's only been an inch or so though. Last night I think we got another 6 inches though! Life in January in Ohio is getting pretty boring. I don't enjoy sliding all over the roads constantly or being in the cold with the wind blowing! So, I have been pretty much staying inside. We haven't really been up to anything new. I have been working and Josh has been going to school and that has pretty much been our lives for the last little bit.

If you notice though, I am actually posting on a Sunday...Something I hardly ever do. But we don't have church til 1PM and..........WE GOT A NEW DESKTOP! That's right, we have an actual computer to use! How exciting is that! It's been something we have wanted for a while. We have been shopping around quite a bit and found a GREAT deal at Best Buy and couldn't say no to it. So, we now have a REALLY nice desktop/monitor/keyboard and everything! (Ok, the keyboard came with the computer, so it's nothing spectacular, but I LOVE it) I am totally excited about having the computer especially when Josh has the laptop when he is studying at school! I now have something to do!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!

The other thing that I have been doing this week is watching TV! I think I am a total addict now! But I have only found good shows to watch in the beginning of the week. It seems like there isn't anything good on on Thursdays/Fridays. Maybe that's a good thing though. The shows that I now HAVE TO watch are:
  • The Biggest Loser---I have never watched it before, but I love it! It's very emotional though. Josh was making fun of me last week for crying at the end. But I couldn't help it!
  • American Idol---I haven't followed this show since the second season, but I am totally going to get into it this season!
  • The Bachelor---I always made fun of my roommates/sisters for LOVING this show, but I have now joined them and I really like it!
  • Momma's Boys---It's almost over, but I think this show is HILARIOUS!
  • Law & Order SVU---Can't get enough! I even watch old season on Netflix Online!

I better stop there or everyone is going to know what kind of total loser I have been!

Total change of subject, but I just thought that I could post about this! Yesterday afternoon, we lost our hot water! We still don't have any. Since today is Sunday, we took sponge/cup baths this morning. Hopefully we smell decent enough to go to church! We got a note on our door this morning that said that they are working on it, but we still have no hot water!

I hope you all have a great Sunday! And enjoy MLK Day tomorrow while I am still stuck at work...Yuck! I do plan on taking a few pictures today outside, so I will try and post those later, but don't count on it. Until next time that I decide to write something!


  1. Yeah, January is a totally yuck month, but it sounds like you've got TV to entertain you until it warms up a bit :) We are so the same way, and those are all my shows along with a few more I could add!
    Hope you get some hot water and it warms up! Glad you guys are keeping busy but doing good! Bring on some pictures, we'd love to see them!


    And totally, you and me shoudl watch TV together sometime while the guys are studying. I am all over those shows...for whatever reason. I agree--mama's boys is SO funny.

    HOPE YOUR WATER COMES BACK SOON! If not, give me a call--we'll let ua use our steaming hot shower! :)

  3. Yay for computers. Not so fun to have no hot water in one of the coldest winters in what? - 8 years. I think that's what they said on the news. I've been thinking about you and Josh as I watch the weather. Try to stay warm!

  4. Hey I love, love, LOVE...the Biggest Loser. I have been watching it since season 3. Last leason was kind of a drag but this season looks promising...oh and Nathan and your dad make fun of me for watching it too (maybe it's a guy thing). Anyways, sorry about the cold and I totally relate to the no hot water thing...that happens ALL THE TIME at our complex (but we are moving soon, thankfully). ya lots and I will have a new post soon.

  5. I know what you mean about the sliding all over the roads.. definitely not used to that here in Utah either!! It hasn't snowed in a while so I'm grateful fo' that! And congrats on the computer!!

  6. Amen on the weather, girl! When it warms up a bit (to like 20) then it won't stop snowing. I hate it!

    You should call us when you're bored, we're always up for a game of Shanghai or something else if the guys are studying. :o)

  7. I agree with you about January!! If I could I would move to Mexico for January and February and then come back for the start of Spring. By the way I love your background!! So cute.