Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Yes, We Are Alive

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knew that we are actually alive! This last month has been absolutely CRAZY for us both! We moved and are now finally starting to fill settled in. Josh has started school up again and his first test week this semester starts next week! And we have both been pretty busy with our church callings this past month!

We FINALLY got some things up on our walls, some of them are still pretty bare though. Here are a few pics of our new place! After I took these ones, the batteries in our camera died. So, no picture of the bedroom, living area, or second bedroom/office/junk room (which there would be no pic anyway because it is MESSY still).

Part of our living space, our couch is right behind where I was standing when I took this pic.
"Formal Dining"

"Eat-In kitchen"

Kitchen...notice all the CUPBOARDS! We love all the space!

The bathroom: (we also LOVE the counter space in here!)
That's all for now! Hopefully it won't be so long til my next post!


  1. Dina your new house looks great! Oh man, i'm totally jealous of all those cupboards and counter space. I can't wait for the day. :) We need to get together to play games again.

  2. i JUST love ALL YOUR SPACE! So nice! And your bathroom...seriously bigger than ANY of ours in all our years of marriage! :)

  3. It's so cute!
    There is nothing like having SPACE, is there!
    And your little family shelf is so cute, too!

  4. Dina the place looks great! We need to come over and see the whole thing. I bet it's nice to have all that space compared to Regency!!

  5. D, the place looks great. Hope all is well! By the way, your becoming like me with the lack of updates. :)

  6. Cute! It definetly looks like it has more space than your last place! Glad you are a live, keep the posts coming!

  7. So cute and how fun! I bet it feels more "home-y" than your last place.

  8. I love your guys place its so nice. you have to let me know when you work we should try to get together.