Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh Sunshine, Blessed Sunshine

Yep, that's right! We saw some sun today here in Cleveland! This doesn't happen often and it seems like FOREVER since we last saw you! I was excited when I walked out of work and this lovely sight greeted me!

In fact, I was soo shocked and happy that I just HAD to call my mom and let her know the exciting news! My phone was dying, so it was a quick call. Anyways....My drive home from work takes about 30-35 minutes West depending on traffic. Today, I was COMPLETELY annoyed the whole way home. There was just waaay too much SLOW traffic. It ended up taking me a little over an hour to get home :( I was not happy at all. When I finally did get home, I sent a text to my coworkers/friends to let them know how long it took me to get home so I could get some sympathy. :) One lady texted me back asking "why did it take so long." I replied "I have no idea. I didn't see ANY accidents." And her reply was "It's the sun. Nobody know how to drive in it." I laughed so hard at that, but it's sooo true. I had to call my mom back and tell her too. Clevelanders know how to drive in the snow (for the most part), but they sure can't drive in the sun!


  1. hahaha....that cracks me up.

    It IS so nice to see some sunshine lately, isn't it?!

  2. Oh that is hilarious! I have heard the same thing. It is so true.