Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Michigan Vacation Part 1

We recently spent a little over a week in Michigan with friends and family.  We had such a blast!  I'm not sure how many parts I am going to have to do to cover the whole if you get bored, just stop reading :)  I came home with about 1500 pictures on my SD card.  So there are lots of pictures to go with all the fun we had.

It all began on Thursday night.  I headed up to Detroit straight from work.  I stayed with my bestest friend ever, Valerie :)  We went to see Harry Potter opening night at midnight!  We got there early and were surprised that tickets weren't sold out yet and hardly anyone was there!  We watched Part 1 at the theater first, maybe that had something to do with it.  But by the time the show finally started, the place was packed.  It was such a good movie, but I'm a little sad there is no more Harry Potter :(  It's all over!!  That just seems totally wrong.  Anyways...We watched it in 3D with special Harry Potter 3D glasses :)

After my last midnight showing, I swore I'd never do one again!  But how can you say no to Harry Potter???  Luckily, this time around wasn't so bad.  I'm not sure what it was, because I didn't really sleep in that late but I was fine.

The next day, I just kinda of lounged around with Valerie and her kids.  We ended up exploring Detroit a little.  Don't worry we didn't get into the heart of Detroit, but we did see what had to be a drug deal!  It happened right in front of us as we were stopped at a red light.  Two guys came from opposite sides of the street, stopped in the middle for a few seconds.  Guy #1 handed guy #2 some cash while guy #2 handed guy #1 something in exchange and then they both went their separate ways.  It was soooo strange.  We couldn't believe it.

Shortly after the drug deal, we made our way to the park and got out to explore it a little.  It was such a cool park with the potential to be an AWESOME park.  It was right on the lake.  I never realized that Canada was SO close!

This would be the great downtown Detroit:

Valerie and her kids with both Canada and Detroit behind them:

We even played in the water for a little while:

Anyone know what this type of boat is called?  I can't think of it and it's been bothering me ever since we saw it.  It was HUGE!!!

That night I picked up Shawnee and James from the airport.  It was so good to see them.  We all stayed the night at Valerie's.  She made us all pancakes and eggs for breakfast!  Thank you Valerie!  You are an awesome hostess :)  And we had to get one group picture before I left:
It was so good to see Valerie and her family!  Josh and I both miss them all terribly!  Thank you for letting me crash your house for a few fun days!  Hope to see you all soon!

After leaving Valerie's...Shawnee, James and I headed up north...way north:)  And that will continue on part 2...


  1. Beautiful photos. Detroit has it's problems for sure, but it is in a gorgeous the summers!

  2. That is so fun that you got to see and stay with Valerie! Looked like you had fun! I thought about going to the midnight showing for HP... for about a second and then decided I really rather go to bed! I hate getting old! Your pics are great!

  3. Dina, it was fun to read through your last couple posts. Your vaction looks fun! That's sweet that you got to go stay with Valerie. How fun! I was askin Hadley if Josh had fun or thought it was worth making the trip out here. He was like, "um...yeah, i think. I guess i don't really know." Nice. I was glad that he was here though to keep Had company while I was in Idaho. ANd hopefully it was worth it for him and hopefully you guys come to Houston! :) Ok, so that's just my wishful thinking, but that would be fun, and we would love it.