Saturday, September 8, 2012

Wray Reunion 2012: Part IV

Last Post for the Wray Reunion, I promise :)  On Thursday, we headed down to Amish Country. This is by far Josh and my favorite thing we did in Cleveland.  We loved going down there.  We started out taking a ride on a horse drawn wagon and went through acres that held several exotic animals. 

We then headed to Wendell August.  That place is amazing.  I could spend a lot of money there.  In the back they have a place where you can pound an imagine into the aluminum.
We ate lunch at an delicious Amish restaurant.  We looked in a few furniture stores and explored their amazing craftsmanship.  Then we all departed and went our separate ways into the several different shops.

On Friday, we went to Kirtland and the John Johnson Farm.  I didn't get my camera out but did steal a few pictures from Becca and Ashley.

John Johnson Farm:
Saturday everyone helped us clean and pack our last things in order for us to move a few days later.  Then they headed back out to Idaho.  We sure miss but are so thankful that everyone was able to come out.  We are so thankful for Vince and Jill for doing everything that they have for us.  They are amazing people.  I married into a great family!

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