Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vacay Part III

That's right Part III of my vacation! Who knew there was so much to write about! This is the last segment I assure you though.

Just like on my way out, I had lots of problems on my way back. Only this time they weren't from flying, they were from riding the shuttle! Here is the Shuttle Story:

First, the shuttle was 10 minutes late. No big deal, right? But once we are on the shuttle we wait for about ten minutes for a few people that never showed. Ok, stuff like that happens. Then we have to back track because the driver left people who were there at his last stop. So, before we even "get on our way," we are running 30 minutes behind. So, I am thinking "ok at least I am not trying to catch a flight, I am just going to spend the day with my brother and dad." At our next stop, the bus driver decides that he can go into the unplowed part of the parking lot and be just fine even though we are only picking up one person and that person is in the plowed part of the lot....and of course, we get stuck in the parking lot. After about 20-25 minutes of pushing and shoveling done by the males on the bus, we are freed and on our way again. I am now thinking "ok, we should be good from here on....what else can happen?" Well, we had to slow WAY down because of a snow storm. Then we had to pull over so the bus driver could clean off his wiper blades, then we hit stop and go traffic due to an accident. I was so ready to get off that bus after the hour and a half of DELAYS!! Thankfully, my dad and Logan were there waiting to pick me up!

I then got to spend the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday with Logan, Dad, Nola and Brayden! It was quite fun! And I am sooo thankful I got to see Logan again before he left on his mission. He actually reported to the MTC this morning! I love you Logan and will miss all your crazy text messages! Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Logan and I

Logan again ( a cutie, huh!):
Brayden, me and Logan:


My dad and myself:


  1. Okay--you seriously deserve an award for the craziest Christmas travel! Glad you made it back!!

  2. Wow - so, besides all the crazy travel and delays it sounds like you had a great Christmas. Kind of jealous of the snow. Did you ever get your luggage? I'm excited for Logan - yay for missions!

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  4. looks like you had some fun adventures. glad you got to spend time with family. welcome back!

  5. That is so exciting about Logan being on a mission. I'm so pumped for him and your family!! :) Sounds like your vacay was fun!

  6. That is so exciting about Logan being on a mission. I'm so pumped for him and your family!! :) Sounds like your vacay was fun!