Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A New Kind of COLD!

Not having a computer at home and being REALLY busy at work has made it quite difficult to blog, which is why I haven't done so! Also, nothing too exciting has been going on. We had a GREAT Thanksgiving thanks to Brady/Julie and everyone else who was there! I didn't take any pictures though...The last couple months a little Oklahoma girl, me, has been living in Ohio and has noticed many differences between the two different places. The one that I have noticed the most lately is that of what "cold" really means.

In Oklahoma, REALLY cold means:
  • somewhere in the mid-thirties as a high for the day
  • upper 20s as a low for the night.
  • a nice winter coat is needed but not much else
  • the sun comes out at least once a day

In Ohio, just plain cold is when:

  • the temperature high for the day is only in the mid-twenties
  • The lows are in the teens
  • the wind is blowing snow into you
  • a winter coat, scarf and gloves are all FULLY NECESSARY
  • you NEVER see the sun, always cloudy

I am a little worried to see what REALLY cold is like in Ohio...I'm sure I will be fine, but I will say that this whole no sun thing can get pretty depressing. I always get WAY excited when I see the blue sky! Anyways, like I said nothing too excited is going on. I just thought that I needed to post SOMETHING and thought that my observations would be enough for now. (Oh and I do want to apologize to my brother in law, Taylor, who said I need to post more pictures and less text....hopefully next time, Taylor ;)


  1. I hope you're staying warm! I've missed your posts so keep them coming, in between being super busy at work anyways!
    We are so excited to see you guys at Christmas, have you finalized your plans yet? Until then keep bundled up!

  2. Oh you're right - sounds absolutely freezing there in Ohio. I hope it doesn't get too much colder for you. And I like your posts - whether they are texts or photos.

  3. Haha! Wait till February! If Ohio is anything like Michigan, you'll be in pain! Literally- we get many weather advisories warning us to stay indoors because the temperature is dangerously low. Your skin burns if you're outside more than 5 minutes. And of course that's also about the time you start to go stir crazy from the lack of sun and being cooped up inside! You'll really learn to appreciate the summer! Especially since it doesn't last long!

  4. I sure remember those days growing up in Michigan....I sort of miss it. But not the cloudy part. I love the Oklahoma sunshine! I will miss you terribly at Christmas (your first Christmas away from me ever!) but I sure love your blog!

  5. Yeah, well I had no idea about snow either!! It's a whole new ballgame around here. :)