Thursday, November 20, 2008

Picture overload!

Finally we have pictures! That someone did bring the computer home, but then we couldn't get the Internet to work at home for the last few days. So, Josh put them up on while in class and then I took them off and put them on here! Crazy, I know! When looking at these pictures, please remember that I am not a professional by an means...and I was really just having fun editing them and they aren't suppose to look perfect. I did get lots more pictures, but I didn't want to totally bore you....So here they are!

Pictures of Karri and Jared:

Here are pictures of my nieces and nephews:

And random pictures of Logan and Christine:


  1. You're so talented Dina. The pictures are great. And Karri looked beautiful. LOVED her dress.

  2. so much fun. i'm glad you got to spend that time with your family. the pics look great. what program do you use to edit?