Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday, I did something that I have been WAITING to do for a long time! I am WAY excited! This is something that will not actually occur until next week though....On the 20th/21st of November. Do you know what it is??? Yep, you guessed it! I bought my ticket to go see "Twilight!" I am pretty excited about it! I am now officially going to see the movie on Thursday night at 12:01! I have heard that a lot of movie theaters have already sold out on tickets, so if you haven't already bought yours, you might want to asap!

I was planning on uploading some pictures of some of the stuff I have been doing, but our computer broke! It's very frustrating...The computer itself is ok, it is just that the battery is dead and our power cord is broken. We did buy a new one last night on eBay (right before the battery died), we just hope that we bought the right one! Anyways, that's really about all I got right now! I was just super excited about "Twilight" and felt like I needed to tell the whole world!

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  1. Hey! Cute blog!! Amen about Twilight!! I loved it, I heard a couple people weren't big on it.