Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I just realized that I hadn't posted anything new on my blog for TWO WEEKS! Time is FLYING by, which is a total good thing! This weekend, my sister is getting married in the Dallas Temple!!! I am way excited to be going home even though it will only be for the weekend. I have a plan though to fit in all my favorite restaurants that aren't here in Ohio! Another cool thing is that this will be the first time that all my siblings Will be in the temple with me! I am way excited to go home...hopefully I will be ok coming back to Ohio on Sunday!

Josh and I haven't been up to a whole lot...I have been finishing up and starting a few new crafty projects, I will have to post pictures later. Josh and I got cable TV this last weekend! For most, it's nothing that exciting, we really only have the local channels. But the local ones are better than nothing, right? Maybe it's not though...we haven't had TV since we have been married (seven months) and so we are perfectly fine not watching it. In fact, it has only been on once and that was to watch a football game...If you are wondering why we finally got TV, it was to watch football games! I am sure though it is only a matter of time before we are completely glued to it.

Another thing that will happen this weekend, is that is will probably be the last time I see my younger brother before he goes on his mission! I am sooo very proud my Logan! He really is the best younger brother that anyone could ask for...of course we fought constantly when we were younger, but today we are good friends. I have been able to watch Logan grow in so many different ways and he was grown a lot spiritually these last few months! He is awesome...the type that will drop and do ANYTHING for his family. I love you Logan and I am very proud of you!


  1. So excited for you to be able to go home. Man 2008 was the year of weddings in your family!
    Thanks for sending those pictures, I'm going to Walmart later today so I will pick them up! Sorry that I kind of dropped the ball on the scrapbook page, I just totally forgot about it until I realized Jill needed by THIS weekend!
    Sounds like you guys are doing well, we are so excited to see you at Christmas!

  2. Any baby Wray's in the near future?? haha

  3. I'm glad you're going to be able to go home even if it is very short term. Have fun!