Friday, December 4, 2009

November Happenings

Well, I am feeling much much better. Still not great but better than I was. I'm very happy about feeling better EXCEPT now I don't have an excuse to not clean the house and do dishes that have been sitting in the sink since Thanksgiving! Yikes! I know....we are terrible BUT I haven't have the energy and neither has Josh. He's been gone studying for all these finals!
On to the good stuff! The week after the Cavs game, I spent working 10-11 hours days to catch up and so I could take time off for when my sisters/cousins came. Josh was a super hubby and surprised me everyday with something. One day he cleaned the ENTIRE house, dusting and all! I almost started crying when I came home and saw my clean house! Another day he surprised me with a beautiful fall table runner and fabulous flowers! Again I was completely stunned and sooo thankful for a WONDERFUL hubby!
After working so hard, my sisters, cousins and aunt started to fly/drive in. We had a GREAT weekend! I just wish everyone could have stayed just a little longer (especially Christine who had to leave the next morning)! Why did they all come? For "New Moon," of course! We went to the midnight showing. It was really cool because we got to watch "Twilight" in the movie theater beforehand. So we got great seats together and got to watch both movies!

Here is everyone before the movie (minus Shawnee who hadn't gotten in yet):
It was a fabulous weekend filled with Twilight, girls, shopping and FUN! I can't wait to do it again in June for the next movie!
Josh and I also had a great Thanksgiving. We were able to get together with a few friends and just have a great time. I made a turkey, stuffing, yams (which I have NEVER eaten but I was told they turned out great), and my mom's fruit salad. It's just not Thanksgiving for me without my mom's fruit salad! I LOVE it! And sorry no pictures. I didn't take ANY pictures in November!
The day after Thanksgiving, I did take my camera out a took a picture of out first snow this season! The good thing about this snow is that it was an inch or less and didn't even last the whole day! We have yet to have any more snow...but I am NOT complaining one bit.
That's really about it! We had such a BUSY November but it was soo fun! We had a great time with all of our friends and family and can't wait for Christmas!


  1. It's nice to have an update sister!

  2. Oh - I love how your family gets so excited and makes big productions out of movie releases (and book releases). It is so infectious and was what I loved about rooming with your sisters.