Thursday, January 7, 2010

Time Flies...

When you are having fun! I can NOT believe that it is already January of 2010 (twenty-ten is how you say it if you were wondering). I really was planning on posting quite a bit more last month but it just never happened.

This year for Christmas we drove down to Oklahoma! We were VERY fortunate to get there without running into any weather and we made it in 14.5 hours! We got into Oklahoma at about four in the morning on Christmas Eve! Shortly after we woke up, the worst winter storm in Oklahoma began to stir things up! It all started with a little sleet and ice and progressed from there. We didn't think it would be that bad, so we started the "one hour" drive to my dad's house in Oklahoma City to celebrate Christmas with them before they left for Utah. That one hour somehow ended up taking FIVE hours! It was crazy! They closed all the interstates in the area once we got there so then we were stuck with the side roads. I really wish I would have gotten my camera out because it was CRAZY! We were very lucky to get to my dad's safely! There were sooo many stranded cars everywhere! Josh and my brother in law, James, spent 3 hours in the wind, snow and ice pushing cars up a hill that no one seemed to be able to get to the top of. They were actually on the local news too for helping! Once they got back in the car, their eyebrows has icicles on them! They looked completely frozen! But we made it and didn't have to get a hotel or sleep in the car so we were all very happy. They next morning, Karri and Jared, finally made it up from Dallas after spending 12 hours in the car and sleeping in a hotel about 35 minutes away. Nathan, Nichole and their kids were able to make it to Dad's that morning too. It was a very crazy Christmas morning! One that we will NEVER forget.

We didn't do anything too crazy or exciting while we were there, but it was sooo good to spend time with my family, especially with my mom! We also got to meet our new neice, Kylie, who is now about 3 monhs old! She is such a pretty baby. It was fun to watch Matthew open all of his presents too. We had a great time in Oklahoma and can't wait til be able to get back soon (hopefully).

I was pretty lazy and never took out my camera, but here are a few pics I did take:
This is what it looked like the whole way down to OKC:

Matthew made this face everytime he opened a present: SO cute!


And the arch on our way home!
I know....not many pictures but I promise to do better next time!


  1. I heard about your crazy winter weather and travels. So glad that you made it safely, You shold find the newsclip of Josh helping cars and post it!
    Anyways, we missed seeing you guys over the holidays, but hopefully soon!

  2. wow! what a crazy trip! your niece and nephew are so adorable. i love the look on your nephew's face.