Friday, January 21, 2011

Oklahoma 2011

Yes, we are alive and doin well.  It's been a crazy month for us!  We have been doing a lot of travel and are happy to be back in Cleveland!  When we got back from Idaho for Christmas, we were only in Cleveland for a few days then off to Oklahoma.  I was suppose to be going by myself, but Josh was able to get one more day off clinic and my dad overnighted a pass for him to come out.  I flew out on the 30th and Josh a few days later.  I spent New Years Eve with just my mom and David!  It was really low key but super nice.  We just watched a movie then the ball drop and off to bed! 

The next day Christine's family came down from Nebraska!  That night we let off a few fireworks.  They were totally awesome.  We went to bed about an hour after the fireworks.  Shortly after we had fallen asleep, Christine comes running into the room Josh and I were sleeping in and says there's a fire.  A little out of it, we jump up and run outside.  Sure enough, the trash cans that we put the hot fireworks in had caught on fire and a little bit of grass.  We were really lucky that it didn't spread that much and we were able to get it out with a shovel and a couple buckets of water!  It was crazy and we were all in a little shock and had a hard time falling asleep after that :)

For the first few days there, we didn't do anything way exciting.  Just relaxed, did a little shopping and ate at my FAVORITE burger/ice cream place...BRAUM'S...Oh I LOVE that place. We actually went there a few times while we were there.  In fact, it's where we went after picking Logan up from the airport.  It was his first choice!

I pretty much stole Christine's camera while we were there so I could have some pics!  Ours, unfortnately, still not working...but I am getting a newer and better one SOON!

Here is Josh, Emmi and myself:

Robby and Christine...always doing their strange poses:


While we were there I met Darcy (Karri's baby) and Jenna (Dad & Nola's) for the first time.  They are both super cute. 
  This is Darcy!  She's adorable!

Shawnee holding Darcy:

James & Josh:

You will notice lots of pictures of Emmi...She was always ready to pose for a picture for me.  She's so cute and I can't believe how big she is now!

This was just adorable.  I wish I could have gotten a few better pictures of this, but here is Emmi (loving her picture being taken) kissing Darcy on the cheek.  It was too cute!

When we got there, Stirling had a VERY VERY loose tooth but was nervous about losing it.  We tried to get him to let us take it out, but he wouldn't let anyone near it.  The one morning that Josh and I were watching the kids for Christine and Robby, Stirling is eating his cereal and hits his tooth causing it to just dangle there.  After a few words of encouragement from Josh, Stirling finally lets Josh near it to finish taking it out.  Here is Stirling with his front tooth missing and a few tears :)

Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much of Nathan and his family :(  Nathan is super busy with working mandatory overtime and going to school full time.  Plus both Nathan and Nichole were really sick.  But here's Matthew, one of the CUTEST boys EVER!

Ok...Hang in there.  I'm almost done.  I thought about doing this in a few posts, but decided that I just needed to get it done or it may never one LONG post it is :)

On Monday, January 3 of 2011, Logan came home from serving a 2 year mission for our church in Ogden, Utah!  We were sooo excited to see him!  He is such a good brother and was an amazing missionary.  He's all grown up now and actually mature ;)  This was the first time all of the siblings were together in well over 2 years.  He came home to some older and some new nieces and nephews and a new half sister! I think he may have been a little overwhelmed at the airport.

Here he is, right off the airplane:

I love this picture, except for the ugly OU banner in the background.  I should have cropped it out...Here's Shawnee, Stirling, Logan, Christine and I! We were all so excited to see him especially Sitrling!

Logan and a very happy Mom!:

That night we had Christmas with my mom!  Then the next night, Christmas with my dad!  It was so nice to finally all be together again.  It's great having Logan home!  We missed him tremendously and glad to be able to call and text him all we want!

We all got PJs from my mom and Kylie had the cutest ones!  Here is a picture of her in them.  A little random to put it at the bottom, but too lazy to move it at this point.
We had such a fun time in Oklahoma, seeing all of my family and eating at all the places we love in Stillwater!  Oh and it was pretty nice weather too! A nice break from the snow and COLD!

After leaving Oklahoma, we went straight to Idaho for Taylor and Becca's wedding...but that will have to be in another post :) which will hopefully come sooner rather than later...but no promises...


  1. You've been a traveling madwoman! lol. So glad you got to see so much family and be there for the special events (AND have a break from the cold and ice!) :)

  2. Cute pictures! I know, I hate getting behind in blogging because it makes you lose your desire to get caught up. Glad you all had a great time in Oklahoma, what a cute family you have!
    Hope you guys are all settled back in at home!

  3. Happy to be back in Cleveland? That seems weird to hear coming from you but it always good to be home. Looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. It was so good to read all you've been up to. I lvoed all the pictures of your family. I love your family too!! I am glad you had a good visit. I know it is hard to be away from family and it makes those traditions and memories even better when you reunite. Congrats to Logan! He looks like such a grown up.

  5. That 2 years seemed to go by pretty fast! Haha I'm actually in Oklahoma now visiting family and Braums is the first thing on my list of things to do tomorrow...we need to get some further up north! Sounds like a fun trip, but there is no place like home :)

  6. We miss you and Josh! It was so wonderful to have a few days with you guys. We all love you and wish you lived closer. XXOO!!

  7. I can't believe how big Christine's kids are! And Emmi with that beautiful red hair, I'm just jealous. So glad you got to come out to Oklahoma and so exciting Logan is back... already! Time really does go faster the older you get.

  8. SO glad my friend is back! I missed you while you were gone Forever!