Friday, June 17, 2011

*Memorial Day 2011*

Josh and I have been very fortunate these last few years and have had great Memorial Day celebrations!  They have been ones that we will never forget.  Last year, Josh's parents came out to Ohio and we got to celebrate with them by going to Kirtland, Palmyra and Niagara Falls.  The year before we had an awesome time in Michigan with my family.  This year, we stayed home but still had a great time.  Our Memorial Day really only consisted of going to our ward's picnic, but it was so much fun.  The boys played softball, which Josh had so much fun playing.  We had great food and great company. 

As things were wrapping up, a major water fight started.  All the kids and a lot of the adults were all in the water fight. It was so much fun.  I don't remember the last time I got into a huge water fight like that.  Everyone was completely drenched from their heads to their feet by the time it was over.  The kids had no mercy and got anyone and everyone wet.  We had a blast.  After the initial water fight, the kids decided to get the slides wet and fly down the slides.  They got some good speed going down;  I don't know how no one got hurt.  I decided that I had to get in on the slides.  I flew down but it was so much fun and definitely a little dangerous.

I didn't get very many pictures because as I stated earlier, the kids had no mercy.  They would get me wet, camera or no camera in hand :)  I did get a way too cute picture of my friend's kid though.  This is Andrew.  He's just too cute.

Andrew and his family moved away from us this last weekend.  Andrew's mom, Valerie, has been my best friend for the last few years in Ohio.  They are already greatly missed by us!  We wish you well on your journey in Michigan, but we miss you guys so much!  It's hard for me to believe that there will be no more going to the movies with you or playing games or just the great talks that we had.  Thank you for all the many blessings you brought into our lives!  We miss you!  Thank you for a wonderful Memorial Day!  This year would not have been as much fun without you guys!


  1. Awww I miss you too!!!!!! You aren't suppose to say things like makes me cry!!!! What am I going to do without you?????? OK, I seriously can't even think about it. But that was the BEST memorial day ever :) SO fun

  2. It's so hard to have your best friend move away! I'll be praying you'll find comfort through this. Love you Dinie!