Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring Break Part 1: Bowling

Well, I have soooo many pictures and so much to tell you about that I have decided that I need to break it into parts. The first post is Spring Break in Ohio! Before I left Josh in Ohio to go to Tennessee, we did a couple fun things with friends. I was still at work during the days and Josh "studied" but at night we had a blast! We stayed up way too late just about every night playing games and chatting with friends. One night we went bowling with them. I really have no idea what day this was, I think it was two Saturdays ago, but don't put your money it. We had a lot of fun! Here are a few pictures of the night!

Josh with his funky style of bowling. It's really too hard to explain how he does it, you just have to see it!

The guy friends we went with:

Now this guy was AMAZING! At the beginning of the game, he was actually beating me! Well, not sure if it was that he was amazing or if I am just not good at all! He is FIVE (OOPS....I was told that he is really only FOUR; Thanks Karie, that sure helps my self esteem) years old! I would like to say though that I did end up passing him and beating him in the end! But I think it was only by like 2 pins...YIKES! I think we need to bowl more often!

Me attempting to bowl:

Ok, so that's really all the pictures I have of bowling. Sorry none of them are very good and I didn't get pictures of any of the girls...OOPS!

I left Wednesday night to go to Nashville!!! My flight was fine, especially since it was a direct flight! My wonderful sister Christine with her two kids picked me up! We then had a THREE hour drive to her home! On the way, Stirling threw up in the car! Wow! That was an experience. Luckily a pillow caught the most of it! Once we got to her home, we CRASHED! Thursday we didn't really do much until it was time to get ready for the Rascal Flatts concert!!! That will be my next post! Enjoy all the suspense about the concert! I will try not to wait too long to post. But the more comments I get on this post, the faster I will do my next! So COMMENT, COMMENT, COMMENT!


  1. Dina, I LOVE bowling!!! it's so fun, and i suck, but still....looove it.
    now lets talk about rascal flatts...why wasn't i invited??? So jealous!
    fun fun fun!

  2. Oh, I'm pretty sure you couuld beat me at bowling anyday, I'm pretty horrible! Can't wait to hear about your fun weekend with your mom and sisters, update fast or I'll just keep commenting :)

  3. Pssst... Jaden is 4... But his birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. =)

    I kept trying to take your camera and get some funny pics while you were bowling, but I didn't know how to use it and you were too fast!

    It was fun hanging out with you guys during Spring Break!

  4. I am not a great bowler either but Paige sure loves it! I am glad you had fun with your family. Love Rascal Flatts! I got to go to a backstage party when we were in Portland last year. Everybody left me and their lead singer asked what I was doing if I wanted to come in. Better than standing in the rain!

  5. looks like fun. i haven't been bowling in forever! i can't wait to see pics from your trip!