Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Break Part 4:The Rest of the Trip

OOOOOhhhhhh How I am ready for spring, aren't you?!?! The weather here in Ohio teases us quite often. One day it will be BEAUTIFUL the next it is only in the 30-40s! I was going to do this post this weekend, but I have been really sick! I actually sat down to do it at one point then after I put then the title in, I felt like I needed to lay down so I stopped! But here it is, FINALLY, the last installment of my trip to Tennessee with the girls and Stirling! I didn't edit any of these pictures because I am doing this at work and just don't have the time to edit them.

This is Christine doing Sudoku...What a DORK! j/k we are so lame that we even worked on a few together!

I just like this picture of Karri and I and I had to tell everyone the story of Stirling. We were trying to get Stirling in the picture too, as you can probably tell, but he wouldn't lay on the ground. He didn't want to get "poked" by the grass nor did he want to get dirty so he tried to just lean into the picture. OH how I love Stirling!

So we went to the BBQ place called Neely's. I guess it's been on the Food Network a couple times. They have a few restaurants in the Memphis area. We wanted to meet to owner but he left to do a catering job right after we got there! The food was really tasty!

Granny holding her grandbaby that she loves soooo much!

On Saturday we went to Stirling's award ceremony for his basketball team. We thought it would be short, but it ended up lasting at least an hour and we left early! Picture of Stirling in his uniform:
Once we left the awards ceremony, we played at the playground just outside. Get your stopwatches out.....We are going to play a little game....Who can spot Shawnee's ring the fastest? Ready, Set GO! j/k Shawnee...We love you!

Emmi LOVED the swing:
So Stirling was REALLY looking forward to a trophy and all he got was a stinkin backpack! He was WAAAAY disappointed! I tried to get him to smile, but if you look closely you can tell that he is disappointed about a stupid backpack! That's not cool at all!
Emmi also LOVED the slide!
Yep, this is how my ma and I do things! We take pictures of each other taking pictures!
And I had to throw in a few more pics. Shawnee in her "hospital bed" doing what she does best:
Christine attempting to dance and look cool:
And last but not least Stirling giving Emmi a ride!
Ok I am done with Tennessee, I promise! Now what else can I blog about...hmmmm....


  1. So glad you could have fun with your mom and sisters! Those are some of my fun memories with my mom and sisters. Poor Paige doesn't have sisters so it is just her and I. Congratulations on your anniversary last week! We love you guys!

  2. Oh that looks like so much fun I love spending time with family. I loved seeing karri I have not seen her in awhile.

  3. Remember how Emmi wasn't feeling well, but she just HAD to wear Stirlin's shirt!

  4. Love these pics! You guys are too cute!

  5. Looks like you've been having too much fun! I love your blog header by the way - very cute.