Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME!

April is probably my most FAVORITE month! I actually like it for more reasons than just my birthday, like the thunderstorms (best in Oklahoma though), the warmer weather and the beautiful scenery that appears after a LOOONG winter in Cleveland.

But the best part of April is definitely my birthday. This year as my birthday was approaching, all I could think about was how birthdays just aren't the same any more. I was a little saddened by these thoughts. I told my mom and she totally agreed with me. But this year turned out to be one THE best birthdays. I got the BEST birthday card from my mom. She actually drew it herself and it made me laugh soo hard. (Love you Mom!) Josh also made it really special for me. I got my first present (an awesome OSU sweatshirt) five days before my birthday! On Thursday, some friends all met up a Steak-N-Shake for dessert to celebrate with me. On Friday, the girls at worked surprised me with cake and ice cream. Then on my birthday, we went to a place called "Steak on a Stone" for lunch. (Now the camera had no batteries all that weekend, so no pics)

It was an AWESOME restaurant. They bring your meat out raw and they bring out a stone that is heated to 750 degrees! Then you slice your own steak or duck or lamb or whatever meat you chose and cook it yourself on the stone! It was soooo good and so much fun! We had a great time!

After lunch, we had to hurry off to a soccer game that Josh is helping to coach with a friend of his. It's an 8-year old girl team. I felt soo bad for the girls cause this was their first game and it was sooo cold and rainy the whole time! But they did win!

We then went to go see "Date Night," which neither of us thought was all that great. Then we went home and put this together...

Ooooooh yeah!!! That's right, I got a grill for my birthday! And yes, it's for me and not Josh! I've been wanting one ever since we moved last August! We got a great deal on this one and I put all of my birthday money towards it! I think I'm in love :) We have been able to grill on it twice now and can't wait to be able to do it more often!
To finish the night, Josh gave me a poem that he had written titled "No Girl Like You." It is a super sweet poem! I loved it! And I loved my birthday! It was such a great day and I owe it all to the most wonderful hubby ever! And also all my family that called and friends that helped me celebrate! Love you all!


  1. I kept meaning to ask you about if you went to steak on a stone or not. Isn't it so yummy!?

    SO glad you had a great birthday! You deserve it. And I love that we have matching grills. :)

  2. happy birthday to you! So glad you had fun. April is a good month for birthday!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Dina! Nice grill - I'm glad you got what you wanted. Yay for Josh making it super special for you.

  4. I'm glad you liked your special card from me, I was hoping it wasn't too "crappy"!