Friday, April 30, 2010

How do you turn this...


So if you have been to our home ever, you most likely saw all of our clean dishes laying out to dry on the right side of our sink or if the dishes weren't there then you at least saw the towels laying there. This is something that has driven me NUTS since we moved into this place. THERE IS NO DISHWASHER! I know there are only the two of us but I really, really miss having a dishwasher. I also NEED the extra counter space. Having this side of the sink literally doubles the amount of counter space I have. Anyways, when we moved into the place, Josh agree to do the dishes (except during test weeks) and I was in charge of putting them away. Let's just say that I wasn't the best at putting them away. But I have decided that it's time to change. For the last week, I have HAND DRIED the dishes with a towel (I know, who has to do this anymore besides us?) and put them away right after they have been washed. The towels don't even stay on the counter any more. I know it's sooo simple yet it's sooo hard sometimes. It's so tempting to let them "air dry" and stay out for quite a while or until we use them again. But it's been so nice to come home and have our kitchen look clean finally or at least decluttered! And it's been nice to have the extra space! It's amazing how simple things make such a BIG difference! Now, shall we take bets on how long this will last? Maybe not such a bad idea :) But I'm really enjoying it so hopefully it will last a very long time....


  1. Good job! I would go crazy without a dishwasher--so good for you for being willing to go without one (that was one of musts on my list of things)!

  2. It looks AWESOME! Seriously know what you mean by having LITTLE counter space--that's how our house is--and it drove me nuts to have that big pile on the side too (and then we got a dishwasher installed! WOO HOO!)

  3. Wahoo keep it up! We lived in many apartments without a dishwasher and I HATED having dishes on the counter, someday you will get a dishwasher again :)
    So your blog hasn't shown up on my blog list until today but I'm seeing all these fun posts that I'v missed. So Happy belated birthday (we were the crappiest at getting you called on your actual birthday, sorry!) Women's conference looks like a blast, I love girlfriend time! And I can't believe Josh ate a 3 pound burger, that is quite impressive!
    Love and miss you guys, glad all is well!

  4. I'm feelin' ya. Our dishwasher has been broken (service guy just showed up today to fix it -yay!) and I've been doing dishes by hand and having a little pile next to the sink. It is so nice to have that extra counter space.

  5. I'm glad you found a new system, "uncluttered" is always a good feeling!!

  6. Wow, I've been out of the blog world for a little bit. I just clicked on your blog and voila, you had updated 3 or so that I hadn't even read! :(

    Time out for women=always amazing.
    Happy Birthday (belated)
    Yay to Josh for finishing that burger
    No dishwasher.... gotta be rough.

    I love you sista! Can't wait to get back into this. :)


  7. by the way, I love seeing your Eskimo Joe's cup!!