Monday, April 26, 2010

Time Out For Women Weekend

This past weekend, I was able to go to Pittsburgh with a few friends for Time Out For Women! I had SUCH a great time. Pittsburgh is only about 2.5 hours away and is such a neat city. We were busy the whole time we were there but I definitely want to go back and explore! We left Friday afternoon and YES, I did get to leave work early! (That might have been the best part of the trip...j/k.) Once we got there, we checked into our hotel then off to a wonderful dinner at Olive Garden! Yummmm....It was ssoooo tasty! Anyways, then we went to the conference. It was really good. John Bytheway is an amazing speaker. And the others were awesome too. After a little sleep Friday night, we got up early and went to the conference pretty much all day on Saturday. For lunch, we went to this cool little pub/cafe in downtown Pittsburgh (which I just realized has an "h" on the end). It was so much fun and I had a blast with the other girls. I did better on this trip of taking pictures, but still didn't do great.
Here is a picture that I stole from my friend, Rachel's, blog:

After the conference on Saturday we headed off to IKEA!!!! I LOVE that store. It was so much fun to go again. I have now been to three different ones and I have a blast every time. I joked to Josh that I now want to visit every IKEA in the US now....but maybe I wasn't teasing so much. It would be fun :) Anyways, another great collage of pictures from Rachel:

OK, so the rest of these pics are mine :) Like I said before, Pittsburgh is such a cool city. It's right on a river that goes through the city; so there are TONS of bridges everywhere! And they are all painted yellow! They look so cool. Everything about the city was so interesting and unique. I loved it all. Here are a few of my pics:

PNC Park, where the Pirates play...just ignore the big tree in the pic:)

This is the Bridge Transformer that some artist guy created for Pittsburgh's 250th Birthday back in 2008. It was soo cool and totally looks like all the bridges in the city. So cool:

Pic of one of the bridges:

And here's a pic of the downtown area:

It really was a fun trip and I can't wait to get back and explore the city some more. A great short trip filled with great conversations, food, entertainers and friends! Thanks Rachel, Roni and Crystal for such a great time!


  1. It was such a fun weekend--we still need to play games though :)

  2. I agree with Crystal. I was so bummed that I was exhausted and had zero energy to play games! Let's plan another night soon. Would be so fun! :)

  3. What fun - and to be so close to Pittsburgh! I love the cities in the east - so much history. I'm glad you had such a good time.

  4. I've never been to Pittsburgh! Thanks for the tour!! I love yellow, so I'd feel right at home there!!