Friday, April 2, 2010

Metro Challenge

Why hello, Everyone! I know it's been quite some time. I have a lot of catching up to do. Back on the 2nd of April, Josh and some friends went down to Metro Burger to compete in the Metro Burger Challenge of eating THREE pounds of meat, fries and a drink all in 20 minutes! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go...Someone has to work in this household :) Thanks to my friend, Mattie, for all the great pictures she took and shared with me. It's almost like being there! So, do you think Josh finished? Guess now.....

Just looking at this makes me sick! I can't even imagine eating all of this in 20 minutes, you?

The Before picture (All smiles now):
Josh looking not quite sure about it:
Yep! That's right; he did finish within the 20 minute time limit. Only him and one other friend made it (Shane, the one to the right of Josh). They all got shirts for participating. For finishing, Josh got a $10 gift card and the opportunity to come back and do it again! Yep, in a few months everyone that finished has the chance to come back and compete to win more cash! I'm not so sure that he will do it though. He wasn't feeling all that great the rest of the day and didn't eat for a LOOONG time afterwards!


  1. SERIOUSLY impressed that he ate all that! AHHH! Can't imagine!!

    Still gave me the desire to go try out their burgers (on a much smaller scale). :)

  2. Gross - I'm impressed he ate all that and kept it down. It looks like so much food.