Monday, August 1, 2011

Michigan Vacation Part 3

So this post probably should have gone with the last post; but I was getting annoyed at how slow the pictures were being uploaded.  So this is just a post of pictures :)  These were all taken within the first few days of arriving in St. Ignace.  Most of them are taken from a few of our walks into downtown St. Ignace.

Downtown St. Ignace so very small but consists of tons of tourist gift shops and lots of other fun little stores.

Darcy, Shawnee and myself.  Not sure what Shawnee is doing, but I thought I looked good in this picture:

This is Logan doing one of his many poses.  He is also standing in front of Zak's Fudge Ice Cream shoppe, which has the BEST ice cream ever!  In fact, we all went there several times throughout the week to get ice wonder I gain weight while I was there :)

Logan & James either really excited to see each other or really excited about the walk we were about to have:

Logan & I.  I forgot how much I love my little brother.  It's nice that he has matured somewhat too, but I had a lot of fun with him!  I definitely miss him!  There is never a dull moment when Logan is near.  Also one thing that I really enjoyed this trip was staying up late the first night and just talking with Logan one on one.  He is truly a great guy.  His wife will be very lucky!

Karri:  I think she look beautiful here:

Darcy making a silly face:

Karri & Darcy:

Logan inside one of the museums:

I think these next set of pictures can explain themselves...

So Logan, James and I decided to go explore a little on our own.  We drove down to some dirt roads that got you right to the water near Mackinaw Island.  When Logan and James saw all these seagulls, they couldn't resist.  It was a blast though.  If you are on facebook, check out Logan's video of this little adventure here.

The Mackinac Bridge:

I had such a great time.  The best part was just being with my family, but  enjoyed it all.  It was such a fun vacation!  I would LOVE to go back!  Have no fear though, more posts to come...A week is a long time to put in just a few posts :)


  1. Looks like you had lots of fun in Michigan! It's always fun to hang out with family!