Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Michigan Vacation Part 8: Mystery Spot

Ok, here it is...the LAST post about the Michigan trip.  On Thursday, we went to the Mystery Spot.  It was actually way cool.  It's basically just a shack where they play games with your mind/eyes. 

This was a "Who's Taller?" trick.  Somehow, the person on the right always seems to look taller even though we are standing on level cement blocks.  They had us switch places and such; I couldn't tell you what it looked like because I was standing on the blocks the whole time.

The first room in the little shack.  They don't let you see anything from the outside because it would ruin it all, so it was hot in there.

Karri said that it felt like she was standing normally with her feet flat, but definitely doesn't look like it.

Here is Josh doing one of the demonstrations...I don't quite remember this one.

Logan had to get out of this chair without using his arms...It tried and tried but couldn't ever get out.  That was fun to watch :)

Standing in this spot was the only spot that Karri and I didn't feel nauseous.  (Our tour guide in the background).

Logan climbing the WALL:

Another mind game.  This is actually a level platform.

After our tour of the Mystery Spot and after cooling down a bit in the air conditioned gift shop, the boys and I went on the zip line!  It was soo much fun!!!  I totally want to go to different places around the world and do this.  It was really cool.

This is us before:

This is me on the first line:

Not sure who this is, but this was the second line:

After the zip line, we all went miniature golfing.  I'm telling you, this place was awesome!

They also had a fun little maze.

This place was just awesome!  We did all of these fun things in one place.  It was just totally awesome.  We had a blast!

On Friday, we took it totally easy.  We went to the beach again in the morning.  Josh left after that.  So I spent the rest of the day just chilling with my family.  I don't think we really did anything.  Most of us took a nap or two.  Then we left early Saturday morning.  I just want to say thanks to Dad and Nola for putting this all together.  We had such a great time and would definitely love to go back to this place.  It was awesome!  No bad memories from this trip!

On the way back, a few of us stopped and spent the day with my Grandma Brooks (mom's mom), some cousins and my Aunt and Uncle Foltz.  It was good to see them all and to be able to hang out with them all for a little while.  It was such a great trip.  And now, this blog can finally move onto something else.


  1. Yay for staying with Grandma for a night Glad you all got to see everyone, while up there. She enjoyed having everyone over. Looks like you had a lot of fun. That's what a real vacation is! :)

  2. sounds like a fun trip. love that house.